Fluffy and Duff


Kim Jong Dan
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I need you both to commit to helping or not on Sunday

I cant have anymore stuffing around. i need to draw up a plan of attack and a short roster for the day so please let me know by 3PM today whether you will be helping or not

If you can not make it for 11:15 fine, but if you can get there any time before the 2 PM kcik off let me know and I will give you a pad and you can circulate through the crowd.

No more stuffing around a simple yes or no is all that is needed it is not a hard decision.



Kim Jong Dan
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excellent the sooner the better. This isnt something we can mess around with i need the firm answer


Journey Man
Fluffy - your missus loves the footy as much - if not more than you !!!
I take that from seeing you guys on TV.

The Wheel

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mate thats just the bit on the side

J/K, she is a friend

I was wondering who she was Fluffy since you didn't introduce her on Sunday. I iust say she is a very 'nice' friend to have ;)


Hey, watch it you blokes !

I'm trying to get a definite answer, I want to be there for sure but am relying on a quite disorganised person to confirm arrangements with me. I've been trying for a week now.
If you need a 100% right now, I can't give it to you but I can still say that I have every intention & will help out if I can, which is most likely.


Journey Man
i thought id leave that one for you.

Dan how about this for a plan.

Both myself and Duff will roam the inside of the ground if/when we can help. We can buy our owwn tickets to get in and will not need to be in and out of the ground at all.

similar to the guys selling doubles type thing


Kim Jong Dan
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Yep that is perfect Fluffy.

Come find me once you are there. I will be at one of the gates, most likely the main one


Journey Man
nah dude, thats the next 2 weeks after this weekend

and because im away i need to clock up brownie points this weekend whilst hope is at home, ive been trying to find out when she is off to gerroa but her parents havnt or wont tell her.

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