Flip - I was wrong


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Flip, my apologies. My opinion has changed. Bell was disgraceful last night. He deserves a spell in reggies when Matai returns.

Why did he not simply get to his feet and score that try?? There was no bulldog player on him. That could have cost us the game.

In the game against the warriors their defence was forcing him back inside, not last night though. The dogs were vulnerable outside and he kept coming back in. He made a couple of errors and contributed little IMO. Yeah he scored a try but anyone would have, it was just supporting Monaghan.


while Monaghs and Burns have perfomed really well in Orfords absence, i think even their biggest fans would be happy to say that the outside backs have not really recieved the ball they have wanted since Orfords been injured as the game plan has changes substantially, with great success i may add. While this is nt a did at Monaghs ( who would dare this morning!) i think all our outside backs have been quiet, nearly all the tries they have scored have been opportune from kicks or dropped balls rather than traditional back line play.

i would not be too harsh on them at this stage. Most of our back line success develops from orford and beaver out wide.


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:doh: that bombed try - I couldn't believe it!! Talk about too many chefs in the kitchen. The head-on replay showed a sea of maroon and white.....

You're right Bell could have gone home cooked tea and come back and still had time to get up and score!!


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I can onnly assume Bell thought there must be Dogs players behind him and didnt want to risk the chance of getting up himself onnly to be tackled, Stewarts fault for tripping over him and dropping it.

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Dropping Bell for Matai !!!!!! That's definitely one of the more interesting theories I've heard on here for a while. I'm all for picking on form when it is warranted but I actually thought Bell was better last night than he was last week. As everyone has rightly pointed out, opportunities for the outside backs have been limited by our current style of play. He is not Robinson Crusoe out there, why not drop Lyon while we are at it, he has done even less than Bell, he can't even get himself in a position to bomb a try, let alone score one.

Matai is not half the player Bell is, and whilst he has improved he is our third string centre and that is the way it should stay, barring injury.


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I can understand why he threw it and I was never saying I think he's a bad player. I just think that right at the moment, while our back line is struggling a little it would be better to have matai in.

BUT, if theirs any chance matai could take on a role similar to what Halden is playing (only used more often) and he could inject himself into the backline that would suit me.

Other than that despite a few cut back infields ect I thought he at least improved over the last few rounds.


Bell was good last night. His defence is easily better than Matais... why drop anyone when youve won 5 in a row..

Defensively weve been superb.. you wouldnt want to change too much.. especially with Orford and Menzies coming into the side for sure.. thats already 2 changes to a winning side.

Bell will get better.
A bit harsh Clontaago. He made that break, and yes he should have scored, but he was on the ground and had no idea where the Dogs players were. It was Stewy2's fault for dropping it. He will get better when he gets better ball.

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Just a question

Has Bell run more metres forward, or sideways this season. I would probably pick sideways at the mo which is getting frustrating.

Wouldnt drop him, but would love to see him running hard onto the ball instead of the stop and prop

The main thing we miss from Matai is the huge metres he makes from dummy half, they were vital to our cause last year, constantly getting us out of trouble


Matai does make good metres.. but he still gives away silly penalties and does not read the game well in defence unfortunately.

Hicks has been dissapointing this season from the backs. A few more errors than he normally does recently.. hes better than that.
Crusher i thought it was stewy 2 that made the break, or at the least put Bell in the gap.

Clonts, I think you're right - I had flicked channels for a second (to see the rah rah score) and i turned back to see Bell with the ball. Either way, I think we were just unlucky not to score. Bell always goes forward in the tackle whenever he gets hit, so I don't question his ticker, I honestly think he just saw Stewy there and wasn't sure if there was a Dogs player about to get him so tried to offload.

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Matais defence improved a helluva lot at the end of the season though KaZa. Played some very good players at the end of the season and none got on top of him.

Good to have som much quality depth in the place now


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Matai's defensive reads are woeful. Our outside backs, while not scoreing points, are not letting any in either. Matai comes out of the line repeatedly, unlike any of the present players and so lets in tries. 5 on the trot tells all.

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He did do that last year, but if you watched tapes from the end of the season, you will see him not doing it, and being very strong defensively against the best on offer, Inglis, Gidley, Gasnier etc


KE has a good point..

Matai made a crap load of metres out of dummy half and they really helped.. Bell's metres out of dummy half aren't half as useful as Matai's are.

As i keep saying.. i'm leaving it to des :lol:

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Both have valid points. KE is right when suggesting Mattai can add metres. DSM5's concerns about Mataia defence is also right and i for one dont belive that those defensive deficiencies have been fixed.

Thats part of the reason why i have been convinced to include Matai on the bench to add agressive play late in each half.

Add Burns to the bench (bench now smallish) and youve solved the 5/8 issue.
Why not drop Hicks and rotate Bell and Matai at wing and centre, Bell could play centre in defence and Matai in attack.

Just a thought, and what a great headache to have


Does Hicks deserve to be dropped? I haven't seen all games this year( missed last night :0 ) but thought he has been playing well.
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