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I havent been running for a while (probably just before xmas).

I went for a run last Tuesday, just 2.5km. (Last year I was running 8km, 4 days a week, in about 40 mins). It took me 12:17 to get through 2.5km. I was all over the place.

I then ran 5km on Wednesday afternoon in 25:50 (Which is way too slow, a good 5 mins too slow) but at least I was feeling a bit more co-ordinated.

Then yesterday I got through 2.5km in 11:53. However, I am still 1:53 off where I need to be, and thats if I am running 8km not 2.5km. For a straight 2.5km run I should be doing about 9 mins.

So my aim is to get back to doing 8 kms in around the 40 min mark, then work my way up to a 20 km run. ( no time target just yet)

Just thought I would post this info and see if anyone else is doing any exercise at the moment, and if so how they are travelling.


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I exercise but aint no runner so cant help too much. What i do know is sprints build up your stamina really well and also help with your speed.


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a variety - mostly for the army stuff.

Now that the knee is pain free i run twice a week one short sprint - about 2.7 and a longer 5km jog, get on the exercice bike 2 - 3 times a week in front of the tv, add in push ups, sit ups etc with each of those. Also i do an extended walk with a heavy backpack preferably with a few hills - works your glutes more than you can imagine.


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just weights and walking for me at the moment, come soccer season, well I will be running a lot.

Doug if you want to improve your times, spend one day out of your routine doing just sprints. Go to the park and do 100 metre sprints, it will bring your fitness up and help you on the long hall


My bloody dog chewed up by good joggers so i havnet been running much lately.
The wife asked if she could go out and by some excercise equpiment , so i thought , mmmmm , tighten up her arse a bit , couldnt hurt. So i said yes. That afternoon , two blokes turned up with a $2 500 home gym. 8| So Im hitting that pretty hard aswell as the boxing bag and speed ball.
Sprints are the best best , but with my fitness Id be looking at just the one sprint, then spew then go home. :D


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Yeah last time Pete came down we did some hill sprints, near killed us both.

What time do you get around 2.7 Fluffy?


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Lately I've been doing a fair amount of different sports... boxing, golf, tennis and some bowling. That, along with the professional downhill skateboarding has kept me on the straight and narrow.

What's the name of the game that has running in it? I'm looking to add to my Nintendo collection and that sounds like just the ticket to round out my winter training :)


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Run 3kms most days of the week, try and run home from work so I dont get home and find myself sitting on the lounge doing nothing. Started doing the 3kms in early Jan and need to lift it as I dont find it much of a effort now.

Also got rid of my mountain bike and got a road one and am riding between 70km and 100km per week, I find it more enjoyable than running. I also throw in some sit ups and weights every 2nd day.

I put on 6kg over Nov/Dec so am slowly stripping it off with the exercise.


I need to get into something hey... i might try some runs and try and beat my time everytime or something... i'm a really competitive person so if i set myself something like that i'm likely to stick to it


I have love handles and its pissing me off. I hate them.

I am 180cm

Tell me about it. The heaviest i have ever weighed was when I was 11 years old and I was HUGE.
Now ive lost a fair bit of weight the only thing left is the F%$#@EN love handles.


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clon as i said im no runner, about 12 minutes is normal.

boys ive got you all covered at 100kegs - was 110 a year ago though blew out after tearing the cartlidge in my knee.

playing weight for me is about 90 when fully fit


190cm .. bout 120kegs and i mean kegs hahaha

since i left school and just started drinking heaps i've started stacking it on... gotta get into something


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Well I only ended up doing 2.5km again last night because it was well over 30 degrees here yesterday. Managed to knock another 12 seconds off my time and finished in 11:41.

Nutz, thats what I have been doing this week. I originally set myself a target of 12m 30 for 2.5km as I know that is 12km/hour running pace, which I used to be able to sustain over 8km.

And then each run I have been bringing that down, until I eventually get it down to 10 mins. Once I have myself back into shape then I will start working on my distance again.

It will be easier when I get into my new place too as I will have somewhere to set up my gym and bag etc.


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looks like you should join the big boy brigade nutz. famous memebers are Mata, Sue, Vegas, and of coarse myself.

I wonder how cliffy is going with his weight loss

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