First Grade Score Updates

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Journey Man
Kick-off is around 5:15pm

I have several updaters reporting to me.

Stand by........................
MSE's update, look at the last line lol

The Tigers are warming up in the North Eastern Corner.

This wind is pretty strong, it certainly helped the Premier League side in the first half, and in the second they struggled against it.

The ground is filling, theres probably 5000 people here. The Jane Try is getting pretty packed, with a scattering of people on the Hills and sideline seats.

If you are still tossing up whether to come down, don't wait do it now !!
Manly as per programme. Crowd approximately 7000.

MSE tossers still to file in.

Why have a trial at Brookvale in front of 7000 when they could have had a crowd of 16,000 at Dubbo's Apex Oval????????????????????
Tigers cored in the 1st minute and then made a bust from the ensuing kick off. 6-0 down and to quote:

"we look very ordinary"
Manly were caught very short on the left side defence and the Tigers go over just 5 metres in from touch.

Conversion Successful

Plenty of Tigers fans here
Manly: 0
Tigers: 6

Manly again caught short on the left, but a fumble gives us the scrum feed 24 out from our line
Break by the Tigers and they are up to half way. Then a penalty for pulling the leg. tigers now on the 30
Still 6-0 to the Tigers. Interestingly Watmough at centre off the scrums.

Kings making some yardage.
Still 6-0 after 15.

Seems our defence has re-oriented. Watmough still prone to the odd brain explosion.
Dave rang - dropping a lot of ball.

Orford and Monas not going very well. Monas keeps getting in the way of ball intended for Ox.

Try scored on Matai's side due to very poor decision making.

Kite pulling off some thunderous hits.

Dunley looking sharp at hooker. King has just come off after a "solid" twenty minutes.
We keep giving away stupid penalties - 3 for holding down in the tackle.

Can't hold onto the ball and our runners are struggling to adjust to Ox's flat passing game.
holding down in the tackle is Des tactics to revolutionise the game? lol

Thanks for the updates. Keep it up.
holding down in the tackle is Des tactics to revolutionise teh game? lol

Thanks for the updates. Keep it up.

Yeah, he's instructed the players to form a ruck and go in with their boots. Enlightening stuff.
holding down in the tackle is Des tactics to revolutionise the game? lol

Thanks for the updates. Keep it up.

I thought he was just going to arm each player - can you imagine "Gasnier in the clear looks certain to score but no! bought down by a great shot from Kennedy" (sorry on the piss)

Staff online

Team P W L PD Pts
6 5 1 59 12
6 5 1 20 12
6 4 2 53 10
6 4 2 30 10
7 4 2 25 9
7 4 3 40 8
7 4 3 24 8
7 4 3 -8 8
7 4 3 -18 8
7 3 3 20 7
7 3 4 31 6
7 3 4 17 6
6 2 4 -31 6
7 3 4 -41 6
7 2 5 -29 4
6 1 5 -102 4
6 0 6 -90 2
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