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First crack that appeared

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by conanu, Oct 31, 2014.

  1. conanu

    conanu Well-Known Member

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    I am going to go all Speculator and Daily Telegraph Journhack here and map out a timeline of what I reckon has gone on at our club.

    Cant help but get the feeling that the first crack in the whole breakdown of the back of house, was when 'King Max Delmege' (He will always be King in my eyes) put pressure on Des to retain Mick Monaghan. I think that was the first real issue that Des had at Manly. Des was probably told to do as you are are told and re-sign him. Then Quantum came on board through Max and I think by that stage Des had taken issue with Max and by association Quantum also. Then Quantum shored up support with Bob Reilly in the Football Club to gain the casting votes and started to wield a bit of power pushing the Penn's aside cutting budgets for football operations and finding a reason to sack Zorba which was the Quantum groups 'A-Bomb' which annoyed Des so much and the other staff enough to set about looking to leave and it set Zorba's media hounds after the club and the Quantum faction of the board. I remember all the stories about senior players being annoyed that Directors got premiership rings in 2011. Obviously the directors were the Quantum faction. Zorba and Des wanted Quantum to crash and burn hence the announcements of defection timed to perfection for maximum impact straight after the GF to cause maximum outrage from fans hoping this would sway people to overturn the Football Club votes. Unfortunately it was so ambiguous due to the Telegraph making up half of the reports and scenario's in the paper fans didn't know who or what to believe. It seems to be now that the only thing that had players re-signing and staying with the club was big money upgrades and also the fact that they were all mates and knew that the best chance of winning another premiership was by staying.

    What went against the campaign was the fact that the fans and players were happy with Toovey and Donny Singe stayed on who is also highly respected by the players. Then some very favourable on field results and a GF appearance had us very much over Des and still no movement on getting rid of Quantum. Season 2014 started well and Manly showed agin why they have been the benchmark. Then an announcement came that Glenn Stewart was up for a renewal and some idiot decided not to even offer him a contract and he was leaving. We all stood for Glenn at minute 12 during a game before Origin at Brooky where we were flogging the Raiders, Glenn Stewart came off and was never to be seen on Brooky again. Anthony Watmough threw his toys out of the pram during Origin camp telling all Telegraph Journhacks Danny Wierdler that he was pissed off with Cherry Evans upgrade forcing Glenn out and he wanted out. Do to injury and Watmough and several other players media stunts we had every hack in town writing a story about the club imploding. Suddenly everyone wants to leave and the injuries effect our on field performances. now the club really is in free fall and the only way out after Quantum not being able to afford to cover another loss they bail and sell up leaving it to the Penn's to sort out. Zorba wins the papers go back to writing nice stories and all the people who were angry are happy again.

    Except Glenn Stewart who deserved better than to have to be forced to play for Souths.

    As for Anthony Watmough his origin buddy has done a runner to America and he still has to play for a club that will be flat out making the 12 never mind the 8.

    I should get a job for the telegraph cause this is so made up it might just get a run. like Jarryd Hayne.
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    • Brookie Brawler

      Brookie Brawler Well-Known Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

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      Most of this seems pretty plausible, except the time line here

      My understanding (based on speculation only of course) was that Des signed with the dogs before Zorba got sacked around Round 26. He was definitely in negotiations before then anyway.

      As I say most seems pretty close to the mark though.
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      • sheridanstand78

        sheridanstand78 Well-Known Member

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        Its all water under the bridge now.

        Hasler wanted out cause he realised that the game was up in relation to controlling it all.

        The treatment of Glenn Stewart was appalling. The lack of communication to the player squad telling over that.

        BTW Weidler the worm is employed by Nein and Fairfax and not News.

        The whole season the club was under attack from the News filth and certain people at the club just inflamed all the negativity and aired our dirty linen to them.

        Lets hope that lessons have been learnt and that moving forward we dont allow selfishness from any party to undermine the club. Too many people lately thought they were bigger than the club.
      • The Wheel

        The Wheel Well-Known Member

        +2,757 /88
        What needs to be revealed is why the football club led by the previous chairman was so anti, obstructive and even antagonistic to the Penn family. This has been going on since privatisation was being proposed and implemented a and certainly before Qantum bought out Max when he went into financial difficulties.

        Is that ever going to be revealed? As that led to a decade of internal fraction.
      • Budgewoi Eagle

        Budgewoi Eagle In for the long haul. Premium Member 2016 Tipping Competitor 2017 Tipping Competitor

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        It seriously is time to move on kiddies.
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        • bones

          bones Bones Knows

          +9,037 /102
          I think it was then
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          • conanu

            conanu Well-Known Member

            +2,445 /46
            Sorry i meant to put a comma, between news ltd and Weirdler. I know he isnt from that shower of wankers.
          • Shoe1

            Shoe1 Well-Known Member

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            I recall Graeme Lowe's frustration and inability to reign in hasler and zorba.
          • Snake

            Snake Doing The Eagle Rock!

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            I think between Hasler, Zorba, the Penns, Quantum, and Delmege, it was just a case of too many cooks in the kitchen; everyone wanting control, no one willing to tow the line. No wonder things got messy.
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            • Chip and Chase

              Chip and Chase True Supporter Staff Member Administrator Premium Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

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              We've had our fair share of "gate" scandals over the years

              AVOgate - Zorba v Williams
              Ringgate - premiership rings for hangers on
              Pologate - Lowe wearing a poloshirt instead of Shirt/Tie
              Maxgate - Delemege ending their association
              Chequegate - Bob Reilly

              any I've missed ?? We could build some nice fences with that stockpile. Let's hope they start building bridges now instead.
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              • Jatz Crackers

                Jatz Crackers Moderator Staff Member

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                I still remember the 1st ever crack that appeared for me.
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                • Ramrod

                  Ramrod Well-Known Member

                  +433 /2
                  You are wrong on Zorba.
                  He may be many things but he would never go along with De$ to damage Manly.

                  Zorba is Manly through and through. Ask Arko if you get a chance.

                  However, Zorba is also blindly loyal.
                  He refused to get into a slanging match with De$ after it was revealed that De$ back stabbed him to Graham Lowe:

                  Don't get on the anti-Zorba wagon.
                  There are too many personal issues with some here but one thing's for sure, Zorba would never betray Manly like De$ did.
                • SeaEagleRock8

                  SeaEagleRock8 Sea Eagle Lach Staff Member Premium Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

                  +10,548 /214
                  But you know where that would lead. Bridge-gate.

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