First Grader
providing he plays well in PL.

the kid was a chance for Rookie of the year 2 seasons ago and since then he has had maybe 3 or 4 games in 1st grade. If he comes at a good price for sure!!!
I'd definitely try and nab him. He'd be a really good addition, and would be cheaper than what the Rorters paid for him, providing they'd let him go.


The possibility of Brett Firman coming to Manly is a recent development. After having a great year with the Dargons in 2003, an injury riddled season in 2004 seemed to derail this youngster's career.

He got an offer from the Syndey Roosters who were in desperate need of a replacement for Brad "Freddy" Fittler.
Brett Firman took this lifeline with both hands.

After playing a few early season games, he has not refound the form that made him a household name in 2003, and has since been demoted to Premier League.

It seems likely that Roosters will not be needing young Firman's services in the future, so once again the youngster's career is at a crossroad.

Manly find themselves in a precarious situation at present. While currently sitting inside the Top 4, supporter's are divided with the current halves combination. Some say Monaghan is a solid toiler, in the mould of a Luke Williamson, or a Jay Bandy. Others however believe Monaghan is machine, and can lead this proud club to Premiership number 7.

Manly recently re-signed their skipper for a reported $ 250 000 a year. The size of this contract had led to the continual recycling of the same joke about the "quarter of a million dollar man". Please fellas, a new joke, please.

Back to the question at hand. Is Brett Firman the man to guide the Sea Eagles to a crown? I believe Brett Firman is a real talent, and a combination of Witt and Firman in the halves would be pretty impressive.

So yes, Manly management, I know you, as well as all Manly players read all Manly forums. Sign young Firman.


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He had a few allright games but has shown nothing since.

We would have to nab him for cheap - 100K at most as there is a good chance that all we will get out of him is the same as the roosters - SFA


i agree, from memory, so il stand corrected, Firman was an outstanding prospect at the dragons pre injury, the fact that the Dragons also had Matt Head on there bookes made them less keen to keep him.

he hasnt really fit in with the roosters at all, but if you take out the last year, he has dominated first grade games regularly.

will need to think of a new name for the quarter million dollar man, how about captain creative!

Monaghs has great potential at hooker, Firman would be a great aquisition at half if he could find his dragons form.


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at what price pepsi??

you want all halves here but never state what you think we should pay.

You are aware there is a salary cap?


just read that Firman is being chased by the dragons and cowboys! both sides with quality halves already, thats how well he is regarded. It also mentiones that if he is signed before the end of the month he can play this year!

this ads to his value no question.

re salary cap, i dont know how much room we have Fluff, dont prtend to, but i would suggest that if Monaghs is worth 240K Firman would be better value at around the same amount of money. Having said that because of his injuries you could probably pick him up for "unders" rather than overs.

Im not that concerned re salary cap as we are looking to release a truck load of players by the sounds of things and it doesnt look like we are signing anyone with a high profile.


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your first para says it all - a good back up is all he is thought to be. He would not take monas place - and i dont rate him as a better half - we have witt for an average young half, go after a 5/8th with something different to add.

As for the salary cap - no one here knows, but you have to have an opinion of what you think he is worth. If he is being chased as a backup half then he will not be paid more than 100K a year, teams simply cant afford it since the average salary for a player is 125K for the top 25.
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