Find me a weaker starting pack

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Journey Man
Seriously, I challenge you blokes to find me a weaker starting pack in the NRL (and the ESL for that matter) than the following:

Princess (Given the long standing opinion of the 2 hit-up man on this website)
Father Time
Blue Arsed
G Stewart/Matai/Williamson etc etc etc

If we find Menzies has played one season too many then there is only one, maybe two, names there that would get a starting gig in most of the NRL - Souths included!
I agree. Maybe the Sharks? If our forwards don't play to 100% of their capabilities, we could be in real trouble up front this year. We all remember what the Dragons did to our pack in the Semis last year....


Journey Man
round 1

10- T.Thurling
12- N.Costigan
13-A.Tongue (c)
it seems very ordinary especially with beaver one year older and less interested.unless someone stands up from nowhere we will have one of those years where we will beat the odd good side with our great back line but be chewed up in the real tough exchanges like the dogs,melbourne and brisbane.fringe of the eight for mine.

you cant hide king,williamson,morewood and co for another year.and if watmough does not ante up this year 11th or 12th is possible.

having said that I know little about afamasaga,offerdahl,alphabet and co ( I don't rate Cuthbertsonso like others here) so who knows if they rise to the occasion.the backs will be brilliant given an even chance.
Canberra also has Learoyd Lars who was in contention for origin last year and the injury prone young prop with real ability,Michael Weymans who will be in their starting pack and reportedly some great young juniors so I wouldnt underestimate them totally.thurling and weymans are both twiceas good as king.overall they probably match ours.

business as usual-they will be tipped for the spoon and run 8th or 9th.I like their backline and their coach has big wraps.


yep- their halves aren't too bad either- my tip- Adrian Purcell to come on in leaps and bounds (Riverina product)


Journey Man
Hybrid Manly/Raiders pack:


3-3 but their bench would spit on ours - Costigan, Tilse, Learoyd Lars etc vs Willow and Stewart LOL!

MArk my words, unless our pack steps up this year and/or we unearth 2 rookie gems it is going to be a bloody long season, regardless of the fact we may have the best backline in the comp.

The local WIN news on Friday night said the Wells is hoping for big things this season. I will be interested to see reports on his trial form.

Oh, and we lost one of the Mortimer brothers (juniors) to the Eels.


In reality it is the same pack (less BK) that we had last year and we still made the top 4.

I am tipping that afamasaga, wells and possibly Sione alphabet provide that x factor for us this year and that Dunley and williamson will be in PL before too many games. Ballin and a bigger Glen Stewart will hopefully see to this.

Form in the trials will be very intersting this year to see who will rise to the challenge this year.


I think the Tigers have the worst pack in the comp.

Their pack last year was weak. And they lost Skando (their BK in that he was always willing to take the next hit up) and Laffranchi (their #1 forward last year).

Payton is ordinary. O'Hara is ordinary. Gibbs, Heighington are alright - no better than Bryant etc. Mobile backrow I suppose...

Jatz Crackers

First Grader
I am tipping that afamasaga, wells and possibly Sione alphabet provide that x factor for us this year and that Dunley and williamson will be in PL before too many games. Ballin and a bigger Glen Stewart will hopefully see to this.

This is the critical issue in my opinion. Its imperative the pack have new blood injected & if Dunners & Willow do not head to PL then that ugly word "mediocrity" will cement itself.


First Grader
I can only see Des bringing in 1 rookie this season, maybe 2 but im being optimistic with that.

Each year he has only brought in 1 and for some I dont see it changing in 07.

The Wheel
Premium Member
I think you have to look at the bench it conjunction with the pack to get a true picture - I am not sure if the answer will change though.

One thing for sure is that Willo/Dunley and JK are on the very very last chance, although based upon past experience I say Des would have a differtn opinion altogether. I am hoping & preying that one or all of Choc/Hall/Bryant/Stewy G/Ballin & Jack A have a massive year otherwise we could have a 50/50 finsihing at the bottom of the 8.


Journey Man
The inclusion of the titans and the increase in superleague dollars taking people OS has seen a general decrease in the roster of most clubs. Its those who can pluck some juniors to step up that will suprise most this year.

I would think on paper 10+ of the teams 2006 squads will look more impressive than their 2007 squads. Souths being the only exeption off the top of my head and really, thats not a very hard thing to achieve.


Journey Man
Put it this way, which backrow INCLUDING Souths, would Luke Williamson get a start in.
Jason King at prop as well.

And I mean ANY side !!!


First Grader
Most of the commentators last year were wrapping JK in most games. As far as (supposed) experts go, I reckon they rate him higher than we do.


UFO Hunter
I think it seems like a poor starting pack but I would have considered 2006 as an under achievement for all those blokes.

We know what watmough can do. Beaver is kind of loosing it. King can make the yards but he has a problem with his heart that needs urgent medical attention.

Kite has turned it around IMO.

Given more firsts time Stewart will be the goods and I really don't have a problem with Monas at 9 (except for the pay packet which really is none of my business anyway if you think about it) Add balin to that as a maybe and I don't think its as bad. Although we are all entitled to our pre season doom and gloom.


First Grader
Hello guys, and girls. I'm not wetting myself just yet. True the starting pack is a couple of players from last year, Kennedy will be missed but not the other lazy, injury prone ones, don't even remember their names. The packs just got to go OK and hold the opposition for the back line to move. If they tackle what's in front of them then their jobs done. Don't forget Roach's gone thank goodness so the defensive patterns may be better. I'm not writing of Menzies yet. He just might go better than last year when he dropped the ball and missd too many tackles for mine. He's not playing rep stuff so will be fresh for longer. With Toovs directing them from the rear, they'll go alright.

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