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I havn't been on all week so im not sure if its been posted yet, but im wondering if finch's comments after the cowboys game have made any of the papers ect down sydney way.

For those who don't know:

"To the you blokes in the media, the blokes bagin braith and these fans, these so called roosters fans who have doubted us, you can all kiss our asses"

Something to that effect.

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Yeah it was pretty big news on Sunday but it seems to have died a natrual death down here.

He could come in for some treatment by rooster fans if he has a poor game in the next few weeks.

One good game doesn't make you a champion - he should realise that. He has set himself up for a bit of a fall me thinks


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Fatty gave him a serve on the footy show for it I heard.

IMO it showed a complete lack of class and he should let his footy do the talking. Never mind the fact it was only 1 good performance after many crap ones and it was against a Cowboys side that wanted to lose the game!!!! Gee they were terrible, the Roosters should really have put them to the sword!!!


yep- he had to apologise to the fans etc. about it....but really he was just confirming what alot of people already knew about him- he's a little overrated Kocksmoker!


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My rating of Finch increased when I saw his tackle effectiveness in today's herald. It was outstanding. Sticking up for Braith showed loyalty to him - fair enough - but poor judgement because Braith's been shocking and secondly because dumping on his fans & the media wasn't needed.

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If a Manly player went on like that can you imagine the field day that a few people would have on the forums!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:


He is an absolute toss pot!
I think it's pretty funny in Sydney Confidential how they run little stories about Finch and Anasta being seen at various pubs around town sucking down the ciggies...while I'm sure back in the day with Cliff Lyons and company it was a more accepted thing to do....I suspect the NRL wouldnt be all that happy about those stort of reports....maybe the stress is getting to Braith but if thats the case maybe he should be rolling his own ;) !


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I bet if he played for manly he would come on here with an alias of ummmm "barks" :)

And pile crap on us for sprouting home truths about bad performing players every week


The trouble is that all the roosteers fans live in Oxford street and love to kiss asses all the time anyway.


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Good call tookey!

Hadn't thought of that.

It was actually a genuine offer, not an insult.

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