Finch - is there a bigger grub in the game?


Journey Man
How in the hell did Ryan's try get disallowed yesterday? Finch barrells into Mason, falls in a screaming heap and then lies there for an age with his hands in the aier protesting to the referee..

The stupid schmuck of a video referee has a look at the incident but fails to take into account the fact that play continues for a good 10-15 seconds afterwards and comes back towards where Finch lies. Had Finch bounced up and did what a committed footballer would do he could have made the tackle on Ryan and stopped the try. Instead he gets rewarded for being a diving nancy.

No common sense at all. One can only assume the refs are petrified of getting on the wrong side of their boss - Finch's daddy.

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Probably plenty of bigger grubs in the game, however they dont cop the same amount of media attention and scrutiny a player like Finch does.

On what they have been policing this year, the call was probably correct by the book on how they have been calling them, not saying it was right, but a decoy making contact this year, like Mason did on Finch, has constantly been a penalty


UFO Hunter
By the book what happened to finch should be no try.

Also by the book our first try yesterday shouldn't have been disallowed.

However, I have no problem with running behind a decoy runner as long as your not immediately disadvantaging a defender from getting you at that very point and the decoy doesn't stand in the defense line impeding lateral movement.

Our try yesterday was a very good example of that.

Although that can be very subjective issue which is why the rule is changed now. However its opened up a whole new can of worms.


Journey Man
They got it right with the Stewart try as Minichello was not precluded from continuing in the play and attempting a tackle.

Similarly, Finch could have stopped the Ryan touchdwon if he'd got off his pampered arse and made a tackle, rather than sitting there squawking like a drag queen at mardis gras.


UFO Hunter
Should he have to content with being knocked over before making a try saving tackle?

I don't think so.

I think the rule is far to blanket this year. I agree that Stewart's try should have been given but the letter of the law this season is supposed to be if you run behind a decoy runner or even just one of your own players it should be immediately called. To save any conjecture.

However it doesn't work like that on the footy field.


Journey Man
Had a tackle been made and THEN the try scored, it would have been paid and Finch would have looked like a shirker.

The ref was quite content to let play continue and Finch lay down for an age - AND he talked the ref into going to the video ref!


UFO Hunter
Yeah, he took a dive. But I've seen plenty of those, even from our side.

Brett Finch is a little dick but as for the initial question, there are bigger grubs.


Journey Man
my point is he gets away with murder from the referees and I think there is a case of nepotism to be answered.


UFO Hunter
All the refs have to answer to daddy on Tuesdays don't they. Can't give his son a bad name.

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