Finals Calculator - who will make it??

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Canteen Worker

First Grader
Points Differential will be very important and may possibly determine 2nd to 8th. Pick your results for each game and see what you come up with.

Finals Calculator After Round 22

Points Differential Draw

Brisbane 34 156 Dragons (H), Panthers (A), Rorters (H), Eels (A)

Parramatta 30 147 Dogs (A), Dragons (A), Raiders (H), Broncos (H)

St George 28 114 Broncos (A), Eels (H), Bye, Knights (H)

Tigers 28 65 Cowboys (H), Dogs (H), Storm (A), Panthers (H)

Cowboys 26 65 Tigers (A), Raiders (H), Rabbits (A), Storm (H)

Sea Eagles 26 -25 Knights (A), Sharks (A), Warriors (H), Raiders (A)

Sharks 26 -36 Roosters (A), Sea Eagles (H), Knights (A), Rabbits (H)

Storm 24 160 Warriors (H), Bye, Tigers (H), Cowboys (A)

Dogs 23 23 Eels (A), Tigers (A), Panthers (H), Roosters (A)

Raiders 22 -69 Souths (H), Cowboys (A), Parra (A), Sea Eagles (H)


UFO Hunter
CW, Try this:



UFO Hunter
Dont worry, link doesn;t work, on the front page of at the bottom of the finals series window in the middle is finals calculator. Try that


UFO Hunter
On the NRL Finals calculator I get this:

1 Broncos 40
2 Eels 36
3 Dragons 34
4 Tigers 34
5 Manly 34
6 Cowboys 30
7 Sharks 28
8 Storm 26

Raiders also ended on 26 and I suppose f/a will have a lot to do with it.

Finals Week 1:

Tigers v Manly - Manly
Dragons v Cowboys - Dragons
Eels v Sharks - Eels
Broncos v Storm - Broncos

Finals Week 2:

Manly v Cowboys - Manly
Dragons v Wests - Dragons

Finals Week 3:

Eels v Dragons
Broncos v Manly


Eels/Dragons v Broncos/Manly

Canteen Worker

First Grader
I can't see any team getting a full run through - especially us. We have to win two to guarantee it as I don't think the Dogs will beat Parra and Canberra have them as well. Parra's form will decide our season.

I really want us at 6th or 7th as the trip to Suncorp to face the Broncos wont be anything like yesterday. Mind you, Dragons at Wollongong will be a pretty hard task too!


Reserve Grader
Try this link, it allows you to plug in the margin.

Canteen Worker

First Grader
I took Manly to beat Knight and Warriors but to lose the other away games. I mainly took ladder position for the 50/50 games but also took the home team for a few of them.

Final ladder looked like this (without for and against figures!):

No Club PTS
1. Broncos 38
2. Eels 36
3. Dragons 36
4. Cowboys 34
5. Sharks 34
6. Storm 30 +
7. Wests Tigers 30
8. Sea Eagles 30
9. Bulldogs 29
10. Raiders 26
11. Warriors 24
12. Roosters 22
13. Panthers 20
14. Rabbitohs 17
15. Knights 14

Canteen Worker

First Grader
Roosters have nothing left to play for. We have a horrific record down there and Knights and Bunnies should be beaten, based on position on the table.

You are probably right that they won't win all of them but they should!


Journey Man
i seriously doubt that none of the panthers, rabbits and knights will win another game.

It means these things are only good for ballpark stuff, but no where near accurate

Canteen Worker

First Grader
I dunno about that Fluff. Teams with nothing to play for usually do okay (look at us last year) and with contracts up for grabs put in during the last few weeks. Souths and knights are the form teams of the comp along with Dragons. I am sure there will be a few surprises but I hope the don't involve us.


Journey Man
i know i used a double negative but thats what i was saying.

Based on the above table none of those 3 will win another game - i disagree with that and hence if they beat any of the contenders it makes a huge difference.

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