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Fonz and mightyeagles are deleted.

The Matabele thread is gone as well as my Official Complaint thread.

Thank goodness.

About time.


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Do you think this post I put up on MSE did the trick?

Aaron and Moderator

It’s obvious that the “matabele� thread created by “mightyeagles� and backed up strongly by “The Fonz� has done what was required.

Wouldn’t it be correct to delete a thread that doesn’t allow a paying member of our football club a right of reply.

Its obvious to myself that you should consider the validity of “mightyeagles� and “The Fonz� as forum members on this forum as well.



Well between that and I think my complaint and a number of other comments from some moderate people who arent silvertails vistors I think the pressure finally built up.


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It's pretty easy to moderate champ. Only need half a brain, being IMPARTIAL is most important.


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With the new security they should............but I agree with you. To be honest I think they were plants.


Well Fonz was one of the reason that I didnt like posting on OEE.

If you disagreed with him his response normally consisted of:
1- your a looser
2- go home you tosser


So no loss.


Kim Jong Dan
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they can easily sign up under a different name. No challenge at all. The "new security" is a sham, there is no way to protect against dynamic IP addresses.


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Oh, and thanks to those that stuck up for me. Much appreciated.

I did go a bit over the top so that would have only made your job harder. My apologies.

I might make a self-imposed rule to not make a psot after 9pm until my kids start sleeping past 5:30am!


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they got banned not long after i threatened to start a thread saying how much no one likes them - maybe thats how you get people banned - start a thread about them


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Bad luck mate.

Holly sleeps 11pm till 7.30 am each morning. I guess thats why i'm always so happy :)


Your welcome Mata.

That must have been the worst handled forum launch I have seen.

All they needed to do was to delete some threads and posts and then warn users. Not just ban some people and leave others for ages and then ban them.


Journey Man
I will be accused of sour grapes, but.......

Normally things of that nature are launched with fanfare and significant media touting.

That it just appeared in patches as it did, with bugger all of interest apart from a "slightly new look" is disgraceful.

Even the basics of an interesting, punchy interview with current captain M Monaghan on the season just gone would have created interest and might have prompted a story or two in various publications.

Yet another missed opportunity........


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It is good to see that they have banned those 2 imbeciles off MSE.We all know The Fonze is a basic tool,and ads is right he turned OOE'S message board into a joke.That is why we are all grateful to have A.E. to come to.
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