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I just had a look at the site for the first time since entering a team in and it seems our competition stands up pretty well against the others.
There looks to be 3 'Random' comps but one is coming second - is that us???
Also I see that the Manly supporters are second behind the Tigers coming into the last round.
I'm not sure on the figures but maybe if we bothered to get in and change the teams we might be able to knock the Tigers off top spot.
The way things are set out makes it a bit confusing but that's the way I saw things...

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I would love Danny to set up a comp for this site next year - Mata tells me there used to be a comp that was much better than the Sportal one. I have enjoyed it this year and it has enhanced my enjoyment of league. For most of the season Eagle supporters have had the highest ranking and it is only the last few weeks that has seen it change!!


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like most its been an interesting side note, i had a look at my team jsut recently and since witt has gone i havnt had a kicker.


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I would like to see a fantasy bet next season.

Each person starts out with $500. The odds are added 3 times during the week, tue, wed,thurs.

You would only be allowed to bet on win, no +12.5 ect ect

The person with the most money at the end of season is obviously the winner.

But, I doubt anyone could persuade dan to do that right now, from all reports he is extreemly busy at work.


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Good idea Flip.

Dan tells me he's up to creating something along the lines of VNRL.

It is much better than our fantasy comp because no two teams can have the same player.

So injuries and form loss counts for a lot more.


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In VNRL there were two options:

The first:

You could select 1 player in 24 hours for two days (2 marque players).

Then it is open slather when the deadline passed - very frantic!

Option 2:

You had a salary cap and would bid for players up to a deadline. When the deadline lapsed, whoever had the highest bid for a player got them.


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ok, option 2 will allow for the fairer setting as not all have the same access to the net. (and since i can be on 90% of the time you would think id go for option A)

Sounds like a real ripper


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i can imagine.

However i think the first hour of first in best dressed would be even more hectic


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I have to finish writing a new version of my online store software, then write an auction program and then I will be starting on fantasy NRL. Some one is going to have to update the thing though so its going to require some very dedicated Admins

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