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Fans are expecting too much

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by Simonmyers11, May 1, 2016.

  1. Simonmyers11

    Simonmyers11 Well-Known Member

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    Reading a lot of negative garbage on hear of late. Such as Barret needs to be sacked, we are going backwards, we look worse than last year, why are we not beating the cows and coming first on the ladder with the new team, why are we so sh#t, why are we not putting in, the manly management is terrible etc etc.

    To be honest, we were never going to win the comp this year. It was a rebuilding year after last years horrible season.

    Again we have been dealt a rough hand with injuries and 5 day turn-a-rounds but there is definite improvement from last year, and that's what I wanted as a fan and just to keep getting better and build over the next 2 years to be a genuine force.

    Our D is much, much improved and so is the attitude. Last year at times it was embarrassing!
    Im happy with the recruitment and I see more signings to come. Yes, the attack needs work and we need to settle on the number 6. maybe walker can prove us wrong, maybe he goes back to centre after killer retires and we go after another play maker. We will just have to wait and see if Walker develops or barret opts for another 6 next year. Either way im sure they will get it right.

    We aren't doing that bad all things considered with injuries and no consistency with player positions and no practing attack, 5 day turn-a-arounds. The little mistakes and silly, hand on ball penalties need to be fixed but Im still confident looking ahead over the next 16 games if we can get full team on park and players training together and playing in the same position.

    Look at the top 2 bench mark teams. all full strength, all have been playing together for a while. That is why they are consistent. Performance against cows was pretty good, better than we played against newcastle. we contained them on our own line better than most teams. our forwards matched theirs. just didn't convert the field position into points in that second half.

    Its a bit unfair to keep comparing this current side to the cows and broncos. When we were at our attacking best a few years ago, we had the same backline for a number of years, especially the spine. We had an injury free snake chimming into those sweeping backline moves. We had DCE pass onto Glen Stewert onto either an in form Jamie or snake. On the other side we had foran hitting Matai or a running back rower.

    We need time and a settled attack to get back there. We are still a much better side than this time last year and confident we can keep improving. Not going to judge the side too harshly and rip into them after only rd 9. I knew it would be tough with a new team rebuilding and the terrible draw to start the season. Looking forward to the next 16 games to see where we can go from here.
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    • skull61

      skull61 Active Member

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      But wasn't it Zorba who was telling us that last year was unacceptable and bringing in Bozo and getting rid of players was to enable us to go straight back to the top without an extensive rebuild. By the way I agree with what you say
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      • Turbo

        Turbo Well-Known Member

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        Walker is killing us playing 6 ATM and we need at 5/8.
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        • mbe

          mbe Well-Known Member

          +282 /15
          Agree with you Simonmyers11. It was always going to be a massive ask with all the new players and the unfair early rounds draw. For us to be in 8th place after 8 rounds was phenomenal in my opinion and also showed the Manly spirit is there. We will improve over the next few rounds and with a bit of luck we will be in the finals later this year.
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          • Ryan

            Ryan Well-Known Member

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            + We have the 7th worst defense in the NRL (almost got plugged by 40 odd last night). Last season, the start of the season was deemed unacceptable. We had 191 points scored against us in the 1st 9 rounds - we have 196 scored against us right now.

            You're calling that improved?

            + As a club on the whole, we've won something like 5-6 games from 36 to begin the season, after we were dismantled due to lack of results last season, and your questioning negativity?

            + We now have for the first time in decades, gimme games, where you KNOW the opposition will beat us.

            + We are on our way to 2.5 months of footy together and we are 4 from 9.

            + Tooves was sacked last year, and at this point, he was 3 wins in 9 games (but our lower grades doing very well). We are now 4 wins in 9 games.

            Lets be fair, people have a right to be frustrated.
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            • torana355

              torana355 Well-Known Member Premium Member

              +2,093 /36
              I agree with alot of what you said but things like dropped balls, giving away stupid penalties (please don't blame the refs) and general discipline have been atrocious this season. These things have little to do with Injuries or turnarounds. I can see a solid future with our current roster and im sure we will eventually get there but after the way Toovey was sacked due to this being a "Results Driven Business" and our new recruits i expected more from the team this year. Especially when other teams that have similar issues to us are looking so much better.
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              • winnyason

                winnyason Well-Known Member

                +1,086 /76
                Look don't agree there overspent with some questionable recruits myles (past it ), brown ( add nothing bar a utility ), lussick (penalty machine as usual)
                Walker simply not a 6 why they continue to bang on this theory.
                We have a aging back line we let go 2 young up and comers in hiku and gutherson. The 20s look shocking so where are the young kids coming from.
                Our club is going backwards, Fulton was finished in 1999 I cannot see how that changed in 17 years.
                We should not be in this position mismanagement by both this administration and previous will put us back 5 years. Let's not kid ourself the loss of foran is a lot bigger than people will recognise, cherry evans not a organiser he is simply struggling as well.
                marty has impressed turning into a 80 minute player as has parcel.
                We are manly we demand success it it that simple.
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                • Fluffy

                  Fluffy Well-Known Member

                  +5,613 /203
                  How can you not blame the refs - Thurston made an obvious leg pull last night and nothing we do far less only 5 minutes later and get penalised. Explain how our "discipline" is worse than Thurstons??
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                  • bones

                    bones Bones Knows

                    +9,037 /102
                    A bunker error won us the game against the roosters. We could just as easily be in 12th place, below Souths and the Titans.
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                    • Jerry1

                      Jerry1 Well-Known Member

                      +2,654 /93
                      I can see merit in both sides here. I knew we were going to lose last night. In previous seasons it was never a given. We could beat or be beaten by other teams. No fear.. These days I am resigned to us losing to most of the top eight.
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                      • brad

                        brad Well-Known Member

                        +4,315 /160
                        Good article simon top shelf mate . I think some were more optimistic myself included about our chances this season . It was always going to take time i guess but the so called experts and most of the betting agencies had us at one stage 7.00 second favorites to win the thing . So maybe they are also to blame for getting our hopes up prematurely. Just saying.
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                        • simon_eagle

                          simon_eagle Well-Known Member

                          +390 /9
                          Given the fact that Tooves was under pressure very early on last season, I think it's fair to be critical of the new coaching staff. It's a results-driven business, after all. That's what Penn himself told us after the Albury loss.

                          It was said last year that by dumping a favourite son and replacing him with an outsider, Barrett really needed to start 2016 off well. In my eyes, we have played well beneath what our roster suggests we should be playing.

                          The pressure is on Barrett and Co., and rightly so. Our 5th tackle options have been abismal all season and our defence out-wide has been equally inept.
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                          • torana355

                            torana355 Well-Known Member Premium Member

                            +2,093 /36
                            Like Bones said we have had ref errors go our way aswell, it all evens out. Blaming Refs is weak imo. Sometimes you just have to admit to yourself that it might just be the Teams fault.
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                            • davohan123

                              davohan123 Well-Known Member Premium Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

                              +1,704 /63

                              It's a result driven business remember, if we don't make the finals 2V's sacking was for what ??

                              I think a lot of this negativity from members and fans is justified due to our expectations being not met

                              But I agree with the premise of your post, yes we have been un-duly treated re the draw and injuries and yes we are a new team but some of our play this season has been shocking... No attack whatsoever.
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                              • bob dylan

                                bob dylan Well-Known Member Premium Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

                                +6,439 /192
                                It's not really negativity, well in my case. I believe we can finish as high as 4.

                                But our next two matches are against Broncos and Sharks.

                                It's no easier the next week with a cold Friday night game in Canberra.

                                If we don't win 2 of those 3 we are in trouble.
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                                • The Who

                                  The Who Well-Known Member Premium Member

                                  +7,245 /173
                                  Absolutely nailed it Ryan. We let good players go and recruited Mr Plod; a proven centre who plays anywhere but that position with us; penalty-magnet Lussick; Mr Average - Brown; an L-Plate coach... Parcell has been our best, with pass marks for Api and Kapow.
                                  Our forwards have improved, so credit there to Cartwright. Our backs have been insipid, so I'm laying the blame there on the coach (who is supposed to be a backline specialist), and Fulton for sacking two good backs. Having to send out an SOS mid-season for a Cowboys back should reinforce this.
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                                  • davohan123

                                    davohan123 Well-Known Member Premium Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

                                    +1,704 /63
                                    Between the Sharks game and Canberra game we have our 1st bye so we should be nice and well rested for that game!!
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                                    • mozgrame

                                      mozgrame Well-Known Member

                                      +5,116 /51
                                      High expectations can be a killer. I really don't get the arguing (poorly disguised as debating) amongst ourselves. We can all see how the team is performing. No one is enlightening anybody else here. It's obvious to us all.

                                      I think the attacks on players and each other are just a way to try to make the posters feel better in some twisted way, and it's more than likely psychologically unhealthy to do so. Verbal feints and jabs, hoping to set the other person up for a knock out (which rarely happens) are pretty ridiculous, aren't they?

                                      So, if we can't express our opinions creatively and with an open mind as to how the other person feels on the subject, maybe we need to find another way to vent. There are plenty of healthy options that won't unwittingly create the stress and anxiety in ourselves.

                                      Some people are glass half full, some are glass is half empty. It's human nature.

                                      This is only a suggestion. I'm not instructing anyone to follow it. It's up to you all.

                                      Have a great day!

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                                      • robbiea

                                        robbiea Well-Known Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

                                        +2,567 /79
                                        Hindsight is beautiful ,but imagine the lines Foran would have had Kapow running off him.
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                                        • Simonmyers11

                                          Simonmyers11 Well-Known Member

                                          +3,570 /133
                                          We offered him a deal. he turned us down.

                                          But I feel we do need another ball playing 5/8. norman would fit the bill. walker to centre in 2017. all the top teams have great ball playing 6 and 7.

                                          A DCE/Norman combo passing to either Tom at full back, Walker in centre or a running kapow/AFB would be so much more lethal.

                                          For now we just have to do the best we can with the squad we have. Lets just hope we seem continued improvement for the rest of the year.

                                          If by rd 26 we still look ordinary in attack, I think it would be fair to have a crack at the coaches and players. Im going to remain positive, as i still see heaps of improvement to come with this team
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