Family Connections At Manly !!

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I was going to post this in the Trivia section , but noticed no-one had visited there for approx 7 weeks.

The other day , a mate & I were trying to think of brothers & father/son combinations that had played 1st grade for the Eagles.We came up with the following:


Brett & Glen Stewart
Phil & Michael Blake
Kevin & Tony Iro
Fred & Nick Yackich


Terry Randall & Chad
Bob Fulton & Scott , Brett
Gordon Willoughby & Mark

Anyone think of any others ??????
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There are a few more that I can think of:


George Hunter (50s) and Russell Hunter (80s)
Peter Burke (50s) and Matt Burke (80s)
Dick Windshuttle (50s) and Ross (80s)
Doug and Phil Daley (50s and 80s)
George and Michael Lenon (I think they were father and son)


Rick and Wayne Chisolm

Odd Ones

James Leuluai is Kylie's uncle.
Campbell Mackie (1948) is Steve Menzies grandfather
you have forgotton one of the fathers of the Sea Eagles, Roy Bull and his son Martin who was around in the 80s and was last seen dancing naked on the bar at Sweet Fanny Adams after the 1987 grand final victory. :clap: :clap:
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Pepsi and Wheel are both correct! There are probably a few others we have missed.

Biscuits is the Trivia expert and Sideline Eye from ME/Rockers knows his Manly history as well as anyone I know. Maybe they can add some more!!
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Daniel Gartner relos played for Canterbury I think although he may have been distantly related to Frogs eyes Gartner.
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He had about half a dozen relos play i think - there were uncles, fathers, grandads and cousins all through the gartners.

Were biscuits when you need him
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Memory tells me that Gartner's dad played for the Berries (Before they became Dogs!!)

Jack Elsegod was the grandson of Bumper Farrell of Newtown fame!

Sam Murphy's father played about 80 games for Norths! (Sam should have stayed at Norths - for a variety of reasons!!) !amazed

I am pretty sure that Luke Branighan who played 10 mins for a few clubs is the son of the one of the Branighan brothers, Ray of course being one of the Manly heroes of the 70s!
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Russell and Daniel, no relation, Dans relows where bulldogs, correct. Daniel did end up going out with and i think marrying the chick from Newport KFC, when it existed.

thought you may want to know that!

The Blakes where my fave brothers, Phuil was brilliant and couldnt we use someone as tough as Michael in the centres at the moment! Solid as ever, never missed a tackle and could find the try line.
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That will do me!!!!! Daniel Gartner married the girl from Newport KFC.

Pepsi, do you do the rounds of every store that hires teenagers and keep a dossier on all your prospectives or just hang about in the drive-throughs in the hope that they will be impressed by the Bimmer?????

:blaugh: :blaugh: :blaugh: !dance: !dance: !dance:
she was a good sort, needless to say i put on a few pounds during that period!

that was the nineties by the way, i was much younger!!!!!!!!

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