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Does anyone know if there's a link between these two?

In case you don't know, Orford recently jumped ship from Beavis to Mimis this year and it is highly likely there'll be a court case between the two managers involving Orford. Inevitably Manly will be dragged into it as Orford has signed the new deal with us and Beavis will try to get his slice of the pie.

It seems to me as though the Fairfax Press are giving Beavis a very good run with this story, as the back page of todays Sun Herald will attest.I wonder if they're in some kind of partnership or if money has changed hands?

One thing is for certain, Mimis has proved to be a very smart operator in recent weeks and he would have known that Orford's contract might be going to court. It will be Micky Mouse and Manly will have made sure everything is in shape too. Nothing to worry about, but I hope it doesn't become a distraction for the club or our star player next year.

Another clue. ex-Manly board member Fatty gets a nice run on the front page of the Sun Herald. Don't forget the Ch 9/Fairfax partnership during the Blooper LEague war, nor underestimate its ongoing significance.
We can be thankful that there is another side to all the issues of RL than just the Terror and their News Ltd bias and blatant agendas. On the issue of Orford any sane person would question why he would not take significntly larger 'so-called' offers and come to us. So far every salary cap audit has been squeeky clean for the club and I hope inquiries on Orford are sweet. Andrew Dento gives it to the Roosters in today's Sun-Herald for alleged cap overspending and, seriously, everyone else is thinking the same thing and for a long time. Sweet for Manly so far but the smell in other quarters is getting right on the nose.
The Terror'graph' are suggesting today that Manly is paying Orford $690K a season rather than the smaller amount quoted by 'sources' with alls osorts of innuendo that imply rorting of the cap etc. Interesting days???
The Herald are the ones with the $690k allegation......

Interestingly quite a proportion of that is from individual sponsors who I presume are not club sponsors.

My understanding is that this does not count to the cap (aka Johns and his $1million per season deal).

Is the Herald guilty of misleading conduct?

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