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Take Woolford out of the Drag Queens and Menzies has played more first grade games than the remaining 12 players in the Drag Queens' starting line-up.

Our starting 13 has 1470 1st grade games between them.

Manly by 22.

Jatz Crackers

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More than anything, I want them to take revenge for that demolition St George performed on us last year.

There is no shortage of motivation for this game and I will be very disappointed if they are not full of retribution.


Is it just me or does Manly hardly ever talk about getting revenge??

I don't think we will win by that much.. we have a few players out.

Lyon, Kite, Bell, Matai.

I expect us to get the cash, but over at okie dokie oval will be a bit tougher and these young blokes always bring enthusiasm... i think the game will be won and lost in the first half an hour.

The young blokes will come out pumped up.. and if we are on around the same points after half an hour I expect us to come over the top and win by a fair margin.. if they come out all guns blazing and put 2 or 3 tries on us early anything could happen.

I wouldn't be getting complacent.

Jatz Crackers

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Im looking at this quite differently Nutz.

I expect us to be cognisant of the loss we received last year from that club. I expect that we should want a reversal of that outcome. I expect that we should be very confidant in our approach. I expect that retribution should be a motivating factor.

Yes we have some personnel out. So do they. This is the time we should look to stamp our authority on a game for good old fashioned reasons. And we should look to increase or for & against to stay in touch with Melbourne.

Jatz Crackers

First Grader

Don't use such big words Jatz. This is a football forum!!!! :lol: :lol:

Oops ! :lol2:

I think we need to go out there and come away with the 2 points. Full credit to the boys if we do ! :p


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I'll just be content with a victory . A young and inexperienced Dragons team outplayed the Broncos at OKI a few weeks back , but I must say Brisbane were ordinary that particular night. This is a must win game for the Eagles.

I'll be going out to Kogarah on Sunday arvo to cheer on the boys.

I have vivid memories of my last visit to Kogarah Oval. The year was 2004 ( I think ) and it was the last game for Kite , Riddell and Blacklock for the Dragons. Manly led by 20 odd points with 25 mins remaining. The Dragon Army were heading out the gates , then before my very eyes , Manly capitulated and conceded 4 or 5 tries and lost the match. I felt like crying !

Hope to see plenty of Manly fans out at OKI on Sunday arvo.

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