every week they get closer....

DVS Matt

every week the knights get closer to winning a game.

can it be this weekend?

I would be very very surprised if the knights broke the drought this weekend.

BK, Kite, Menzies will feel that they have to pull the team out of a potential nose dive. Kennedy is shaping up against his old team and will be looking to have a blinder. Monaghan will want to put it over the best half in the game. The Sea Eagles will want to continue the Fortress Record. Sea Eagles will want to bounce back after a humiliating loss.

The key will definately be in the forwards. We proved against souths that we can't handle an enthused pack if we are low on personal/determination. The Knights have been trying their guts out and would give their left testicle for a victory.

It's up to our forwards to steam roll them for the first 25-30 minutes. We need to beat them out of the contest and put them back in their "losing" mentality.

Just like a cracked dam wall, if you hammer it long enough it will open and it will flood.



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yes, come on manly, fire up!! - top thread, lets not just crack the dam wall grab some c4 and blow the crap out of it. YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!


we have to match them if not smash them in the forwards as they do have some class backs and head to head possibly out point us out wide from joey out. Will be tough for him to back up though id say..


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Yep its another game we should win. As i'm concerned there was no excuse for last week loss. We must win and we should win BIG! The forwards must smash them.

It would be great to see them running onto some of Monas and Witts passes as they were early in the season.

Come on Forwards FIRE UP!


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Give Joey no room and he wont be able to crack it. Simpson is the threat up front.

How much longer are the rest of Hecks/lulu/cleal out for??

The Wheel

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Cleal is back this week, Kylie is out for anohter 3 games whislt Hecks is out for 8 weeks (I think).


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Im not sure if 50 - 0 is very close to a win DVS.

No, they will not win this weekend.

DVS Matt

well barring that result, they have been very close on a number of occasions, from the toip of my head they could of won against the doggies, warriors, raiders, tigers. And they aren't the worst sides in the comp.


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They have been getting closer. Having johns back will be good for them and I will be on the edge of my seat for the full 80 mins.


Journey Man
I'm dissapointed I'm actually concerned we MAY lose???!!! Sheesh - I bet The Roosters & co. don't worry about playing The Rabbits / Knights. They just don't lose to them.


very big game....if they lose their momentum with another loss then the upcoming games in the next few weeks start to look a whole lot tougher.....c'mon manly!!!

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