Every week crucial...........

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If you are off your game at all this year you will be beaten, by any team.

That is shown in the first few weeks that the uncanny closeness of this competition leaves little margin for error.

Manly really need to be switched on, especially for the next few weeks as they are all crucial games. Dragons, Raiders and Souths are all teams that for us to make the 8, we should be beating. I have a terrible gut feeling about next week, Gasnier's back, and the Dragons are going to be on song. I just hope that Manly pull one out of the bag and play soime awsome footy. I can't wait for our attack to fully click, because we have won 3 when it hasn't, but for it to come good we are going to have to keep winning IMO.

BIG couple of weeks for the boys, I hope they come through unscaved............
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after the raiders given the saints another touch up i feel more confident. They wouldnt have taken much out of that.
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Dragons are at desperation stakes and have nothing to show for a month - they were terrible according to reports and pressure is on them to open their account. The Wollongong crowd is fickle and when sides are struggling other issues develop. I remember us in 99 when we lost our first six and we were dead ducks - even with the great Bonzo as coach. He ended up stepping down for Sharp and the darkest era in our history was to commence (not all Sharp' fault - the NE debacle happened at the end of that season.

Dragons are ripe for the plucking - if we defend well and our attack improves.
It's hard to think that a team playing as badly as the Dragons can come out and play well enough to beat us IF we play like we did against the Storm. That being said it will be very tough to remain at that level. The Dragons are definately due.
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After what happened at Kogarah last year and with Kite playing for Manly we will be very hyped up for this one! Cooper is out and Gasnier is no certainty. The battle between the Manly pack and Ryles and Bailey will be worth the price of admission. I have a very good feeling about this one - though the night game worries me a tad as we are inconsistent at night.
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Im sure we will go alright. We have to lose at some stage guys so dont go holding your breath. But I agree we should be beating the "not so strong" teams.
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My only fear is that the Dragons are due for a good performance - however I don't think all is well between the players/coach & club. Hopefully they will be play like a bunch of school girls again this week and we give them a touch up we owe them from last years game.

On another note I spoke to a guy late last week who knows a few penrith guys, they (penrith players) said in previous years tackling Luke baily was like being a hit by a bag of cement, this year he was taking it up like a powder puff.


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must have been getting tips from ian "fairy floss" donnely
I'm hoping that Manly will remember (how could they forget) the game at Oki Jubilee last year, if so they should be fired up.

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