Eurovision Song Contest

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Kim Jong Dan
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Just thoght I would start this thread again because it was rather ammusing. In particular the BBC commentater ripping off the hosts and contestants.


Reserve Grader
Grumpy pommy wanker...Was still amusing though...

Some of the acts could make children cry they are that bad..

Bias aside, Latvia should have won :p


Journey Man
i missed it unfortunatly,

usually ill sit down with a sixer or two and laugh myself silly. I love all the political voting


I hope this Eurovision thread doesn't go the way of the last one (thanks to me) in regards to discussing dodgy medical certificates, I can't even remember how it got to that....
Do the singers/ performers/ have to sing in English or do they just think it sounds better ?
The words they try and use in their songs are laughable !


It's funny because they all take themselves so seriously and they are soooo bad !
The voting is easy to predict as well, each country can't vote for themselves but they usually just end up pushing votes to their closest political allies or territorial neighbours.
The pommy guy who commentates from the BBC is very funny because he just takes the piss out of the contestants and the whole show basically.
For eg. as Dan mentioned yesterday, calling these two lame ass singers from Latvia, "refugees from a boy band"....GOLD !


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The Ukrainian host was my favourite..

If she wasn't on something mixed with Botox then something is seriously wrong with her.

Was skeptical as to whether they (the Ukrainians) would be able to host it. I lived there for a year (02-03) and thought they would have no hope.


It was the world famous Ukrainian boxing twins that held the show together- what was their names again.
.... the insite that must have been required to think of holding up an oversized horse shoe when wishing the contestants good luck was out of this world !

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