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End the civil war - ARKO

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by Berkeley_Eagle, Feb 20, 2009.

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    End the civil war

    20 Feb 09 @ 06:05pm by Jason Avedissian

    MANLY father-figure Ken Arthurson has implored warring Sea Eagles owners Max Delmege and Scott Penn to put aside their differences to allow the players to focus on defending their NRL crown.

    Manly’s week of hell will be on hold in the early hours of Monday morning when Des Hasler’s troops play the Harlequins in a trial match in London.

    Following the game, Manly CEO Grant Mayer will unveil a new $1.6 million sponsor.

    The match will be the ideal diversion from what has been a traumatic period for the club after an explosive board meeting on February 12 saw Mayer stand down and co-owner Scott Penn claim the Sea Eagles were in financial ruin.

    The bickering continued this week, with:

    *Club official Peter Peters describing Delmege as “un-Manly”;

    *Delmege signs off on a cheque for $228,400, settling his debts;

    *Delmege demands both Penn and Peters resign and;

    *Penn and Peters defy Delmege, “I have no intention of standing down,” Penn said.

    Arthurson told The Manly Daily on Friday, “common sense will prevail” as the club shifts their focus towards defending their NRL crown.

    “It’s no good to anyone to air our dirty laundry in public,” he said.

    “I think both of them (Delmege and Penn) should get together and common sense will prevail.

    “They will and must resolve their differences.

    “I have got the highest regard for both families and I’m sure they have got the interests of the club at heart. “They have just got to close up shop, and that’s the end of it.”

    Hasler will ensure that when his 23-man squad takes the pitch against the Harlequins ahead of next week’s World Club Challenge clash with Leeds at Elland Road.
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    Bring back Arko!

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