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Emergency backup goalie needed! Amazing


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Oct 8, 2011
It's Carolina v Tornonto and Carolina aren't having a good night. Why?

So your first goalie goes down, ok get your reserve in there.

He goes down hurt, the game is only half over what do you do?

Dave Ayers, a 42 year old Zamboni driver is told to suit up and get between the pipes for his first ever (and probably last) NHL game.

What's more he saves 8 from 10 shots on net!
Carolina win!
As the go ahead goal happened while he was in net...he gets credited for the win!

A great underdog story!

It's a shame only about 3 people on here will read about it. Ah well.

You guys should click the link, see some footage, he gets $500 and gets to keep his jersey, the crowd were cheering him on (even though he was playing for the opposition)...the opposition goalie went up and wished him luck, etc.

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