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It hurts me to finally crack and write something negative about Schuster. He seems like a great person with so much potential who I desperately want to succeed.

In saying that, the effort areas of Jacob Arthur and Ben Turbo have been a huge reason why we’ve looked like a better team in the last few weeks. It’s these kind of players we need to build a team around, not on and off players who chase the big plays like Tuilagi and Schuster.

Yes, I know we played poor opposition. But I like the changes Seibold is making to pick guys based on effort. Arthur is the first one there on every kick chase and always cleaning up kicks behind the line. It’s a stark difference.

I don’t know where Burbo and Arthur fit into our team next year but I for one want them both in the starting lineup.


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The other effort area is big Toff - if he can consistently repeat those recent performances next season we will be a lot better off (including reducing unnecessary penalties and 6 agains at the ruck)
Another good example. It’s like the whole team is doing the 1%ers more now than they were. They are feeding off eachother and it’s holding everyone accountable. Some of the guys not playing at the moment don’t drive those same standards.


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Energy is everything.
Well let's face it, the defence is all about attitude which is on Top of the list before structures and tackling technique.
Also in attack as an example, that "Lucky bounce" is only "lucky" for the players who made that chase when everyone else gave up on the play.
The point you make is great and pretty much proven by the 2 Grand finalists every season.....just seem to have that bit more effort across the field every week.
I remember a very good junior coach who once told me that talent is a gift with speed, size, step abilities ect, but the real mark of a great player, is the 1 who turns up with a great attitude and puts in the effort every week and plays with pride in their own performance win - lose or draw.
Definitely have competed well as individuals and an overall team in recent weeks, with a few other positive glimpses in patches through 2023.
Add the Turbo, Brooks and now with Gordo looking to find a spot in 2024 and Lookout !!


The other thing is contract negotiations. The club have to seal up all their contracts before the season starts. IMHO the contestant contract upgrades and extensions were a huge distraction for the players, and many of the poorest performances happened around this time of year.



The club is developing what could be a really strong culture, much like the Penrith approach as I have mentioned before. The last key to success is the mental toughness and ability to play for each other and the Manly club.

If they want a blueprint of what we expect of them (and I almost hate to say this) - look at the what the Roosters have done this year. Tons of injuries, players dropped, players leaving, Tedesco, Cheese out of form, suspension, Suali rugby crap, Manu and JWH - two of their most important players out etc etc, and yet look at the effort they have all put in to finish the year. Last night they played from the first to the last minute with the same intensity. All year they have not made excuses, and yet they had at least the same amount of adversity as Manly, and I would argue more.

When we start seeing this resilience from the players in our club, then we will start to see results, and it will happen fast.

I hope all Manly talent now bumming around preparing for mad Monday (again!) are having a good long think about it.

No excuses next year.


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