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leaving out the NE years(ferris,brown etc) can anyone name

1.a worse halfback to have played for manly.
2.and more importantly a worse captain to have donned our famous colours.

and the next question is

given the answer to the above -where the **** did this reserve grader find the buses full of fools to wage his save the whale campaigns.this question will one day be part of a "great mysteries of the world " program.it is an imponderable,unanswerable conundrum.


First Grader
well Brown was actually around in the days of Manly, 1999 he made his debut from memory.

I think the save Monas campaign was a result of our good run at the back end of last season.
apologies re brown.i obviously wanted to strip his name from my memory entirely.

the only one that comes close is that dwarf craig field and even he made a gf.
as for captains he leads the field by lengths.


First Grader
He played quite well the first half this year and the back end of last year (7th Dally m's), but he has proven to lack class over the last 12 weeks. On and off the field!
just shows you how far we have sunk -a bloke is captain when we win five from our last eight in the same year we conced 750 points,have our greatest ever loss and run 11th and he is a ****in hero.

monaghan is just lucky max,igor,knights and co dont turn up to tell him EXACTLY what they think.his little legs couldnt get him back to foolberra quick enough.

Canteen Worker

First Grader
Craig Field was pretty ordinary and that semi appearance in 1998 was a debacle. Adam Hayden is another pretender that springs to mind.

When you think of Ward, Mayes, Junees, Stevens, Martin, Gibbs, Blake, Hasler, Toovey we have been pretty well served for halves since the Halcyon days of the seventies. Have I missed any of the good ones? Pretty good list and Monas wouldn't rate ahead of too many of them. :wall:

We are stuck with him now and I hope he gets the job done in the next two weeks so that at least there is a little joy in the off season.

If you reckon we feel bad at the moment, how do you reckon we will feel if we don't make the semis????
:( :( :(


Journey Man
Maybe we should make Monaghan run a gauntlet past all of our past captains.

There is no doubt that Monaghan is the worst captain this club has had.

DVS Matt

i can't remember a worse captain than mona's, but then again as far as captain quality's go Beaver didn't do very well.

did you ignore the NE era just to strengthen your vendetta? Without NE we may not of even had Mona's, we may of had Kimmorley or Orford here. FFS, we have had about 160 halfbacks since 1999 and they were all much worse than Monaghan. You can't compare what we had before NE and after NE, we haven't had the chance to target an outstanding no. 7 post NE until June 2005.

We did the best we could in the circumstances by buying monaghan and i think his positives have far out weighed the negatives.

DVS Matt

there haven't been many positivies SINCE JUNE!

but prior to June and for most of the 2004 season (when not injured) he bought plenty to the team and when he fired we fired and ultimately missed collecting our first wooden spoon. That'd be a positive wouldn't it?

And if he didn't take the captaincy then we may still have Beaver at the helm, and he was playing some dreadful footy when at skipper.

I'm not going to fight everyone on this place about it. I have watched all of our early season wins many many times and all the commentators are wrapping him and he is one of the driving forces behind the good form. Simple as that. I don't know and no-one else on here knows exactly what happened in June, but whatever transpired behind closed doors ruined our good form.

Feel free to blame it all on him being the sh!ttest half ever to play for manly but have a look at the games and tell me he wasn't one of the driving forces behind our early success!


UFO Hunter
1. No. He is by far, the only halfback i've seen at the club thats out of their depth.

2. I never thought I would see a day where a captain was more whiney than Tooves. The difference being tooveys performances warranted his player/ref talking. Monaghan just whinges to get a penalty for a **** pass he threw to the oposition.


First Grader
Matt, I dont blame Monas at all, i'm leaning toward Dessie being at fault.

And Monas was a good half up untill June. But since then he has been shocking. Even I could see that.

He has been hampered by admin. Totally agree. But he still should of handled things far better on and off the field.

He's only showing that he doesnt have the class atm, I would have prefered to have some balls and prove his nockers wrong.

DVS Matt

He could of handled things better off the field? I don't care who you are it would be tough to deal with some of the stuff he has had to deal with...... all the rumours surrounding him was always going to wear on him. He was made captain of a very proud club in his 1st year of constant 1st grade, a lot was/is expected of him. I'm not trying to excuse some of his stuff, but it must be tough if management are not confirming your future, the media is constantly linking you to otehr clubs, your own supporters are on your back and you're expected to lead a once struggling team into the finals.

I can understand why he has expressed himself in the way he has, as i would probably do the same. If the club wasn't listening i would take it to the media so they sit up and take notice.

For this reason i am willing to forgive him for any nonsense he has spurted and hopefully he will learn from his mistakes.

Canteen Worker

First Grader
Matt I will accept that Monas played well in certain games. However his leadership, his demeanour since the contract negotiations and his game under pressure has not stood up to expectations.

The Monas I spoke to at the Members BBQ was a very different player to the one at the Fans day earlier in the year.


First Grader
Matt, thats fair enough.

I held on for a long time sticking up for him, but I could only make excuses for so long.
Last week was certainly the last straw.

Canteen Worker

First Grader
Bottom line to me is that it is obvious that the club doesn't rate Monas. If they did why the need to buy Orford for the money he was asking.

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