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Eagles need to see some money soon

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by Jatz Crackers, Feb 27, 2008.

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    Snippet from the The Sunshine Coast Daily

    February 25 | Paul Munnings

    Twelve months on from the Sunshine Coast’s last NRL trial and what has changed in Coast rugby league?

    Enough to show the game in this region is making some progress, but not enough to suggest the Coast could have an NRL side at some stage in the future as was again mooted last week.

    The Sunshine Coast Falcons are now the Sea Eagles, but they remain part of the FOGs Cup, the second tier in Queensland Rugby League.

    They want to step up to the Wizard Queensland Cup next season and that has to be a must.

    How can anyone suggest the Coast will one day be home to an NRL side, even a decade into the future, if enough support can’t be found to get a Queensland Cup side off the ground?

    The Sea Eagles’ search for a Q Cup major sponsor has been a largely fruitless one so far – CEO Brett Winkler yesterday described it as “lukewarm” – despite the boost they received from setting up a feeder club arrangement with Manly late last year.

    The Sea Eagles’ major sponsor for this year is the Caloundra RSL, albeit somewhat reluctantly, but the figure it tips in is well behind what the club needs for its status to change in 2009.

    The time for the Coast community to show whether it wants rugby league at an elite level to be played here is about to come.

    On Thursday night, the Sea Eagles will launch their Platinum 100 Club, a strategy which is along similar lines to how Mackay and Cairns raised enough cash to field sides in the Queensland Cup from this season.

    The Sea Eagles will be offering 100 units at $5000 each to get the $500,000 budget they need to compete at the next level.

    “Even half a million is a pretty small budget for Q Cup,” Winkler said yesterday.

    “We’re hoping to get small and medium enterprises involved in our club and we’ll be offering a heap of return and value if they take up one of our packages.

    “Cairns and Mackay succeeded with this community style partnership and with the size of the Sunshine Coast region, we should be able to do the same.”

    If those $5000 packages aren’t snapped up, it will be a huge setback to the Eagles and any NRL dreams we may have.

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