Eagles Flex Wings for Broncos Battle

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Reserve Grader
The Manly Sea Eagles side to play the Brisbane Broncos at Brookvale Oval on Sunday is: Brett Stewart,Paul Stephenson,Terry Hill,Ashley Alberts,Chris Hicks,Sam Harris,Michael Monaghan (c),Jason King,Chad Randall,Brent Kite,Steve Menzies,Luke Williamson,Ben Kennedy.Replacements:Shayne Dunley,Nathan Tutt,Kylie Leuluai,Mark Bryant.

Manly's PREMIER League side to play Wests at Brookvale Oval on Sunday is:Mark Lennon,Mitch Creary,Jye Mullane,Steve Matai,Scott Donald,Michael Witt,Travis Burns,Daniel Heckenberg,Matt Ballin,Phil Moorwood,Kane Cleal,Adam Cuthbertson,J.P.Cherry (c).Replacements: Jared Taylor,Karl Johnson,Nathan Hollingsworth,Mailangi Styles,Jeff Robson,Darren Peachey.

Manly's JERSEY FLEGG side to play Wests at Brookvale Oval on Sunday is:Michael Smith,Ryan Cribb,Tom Joseph,Sean Meaney,Terry Kelly,Josh Lewis(c)Aaron Groom,Innoxi Tapaatoutai,Joab Hull,Chris Trembath,Reihan Peters,Vic Mauro,Jacob Martin.Replacements:Josh Brown,Mark Offerdahl,James Donlan,Ina Papera,Brendan Crabb,John Grieve,Adam Shaw.

Watch out for Groom, Meaney, Joseph and Tapaatoutai in Flegg. Solid PL team, Ballin will carve up with Burn, Witt, Hecks and the likes around him.

Absolute disgrace that Heckenburg is in Premier League behind King. Absolute disgrace. Harris is a good option at 5/8 IMO, played well there last week in patches near their line.


Reserve Grader
**** Sake

6 = Passenger

8= Passenger

Top 8 = Bye Bye

I reckon you're underestimating Harris' ability at 6. He played well there in patches last week near their line. Our attack was the best it had been for a while last week.


First Grader
Yep. Very strange, I wonder if Witt will be offered a release?

Hecks out King in, Does he have some photos on file?


:wall: :wall: :wall:

Thank god Cronulla are going worse than us and the Raiders keep shooting themselves in the foot.


Harris a good option at 5/8 against lockyer..your'e farking kidding...not sure what game you watched last week but he made the same handling mistakes he has made for 2 years..thank god he's leaving us.
Surely if they don't want to play witt willo is the best option and heckenberg to the pack


Princess, Chad and Tutt. Well the Broncos will be trembling with fear over those 3 reserve graders. Lockyear will be looking forward to playing opposite harris. Might be a little difference in pace between the 2.


Reserve Grader
4 hit ups this time??

But, the thing is, whenever he did touch the ball last week, I thought he looked better as well, and his defence was pretty good early on.


Hopefully this will be the game where King plays true to all that potential we hear about.


Winging it
I am in shock. Who is calling the shots this week? I was actually contemplating having a small punt but not with this line up. An absolute joke.


Reserve Grader
King last week 23 mtrs 4 missed tackles 3 Hit ups
Please Explain .....

Harris at 5/8 anyone remember that pass he threw along the ground 3 mtrs forward a few weeks ago

Has Des Given up for this year ??

Canteen Worker

First Grader
Harris will have a dig at least but make his customary three handling errors, give two penalties away and do three good things as well. What I am more worried about is his lateral mobility. Lockyer and Berrigan must be licking their lips.

As for the 8 and 9, why not bring Hecks and Ballin in?


Reserve Grader
Alright alright, who posted up this fake team? What with all the rumours floating around surely this must be another one.
Mona's would want to be wearing some mega strong re-inforced carbon fibre head gear this w/end because with him we have nothing but once they take his head off we will have minus nothing.
There is normally a huge crowd for the Brisbane games but I can't see that happening this week.
I'm not a huge fan of Witt but there has got to be a second option for kicks in play.


you wont see King play well this season. he has a recurring injury and cant train properly. Ive said it heaps of times.. yet you guys ignore it.

Its not his fault hes chosen infront of Hecks. Im starting to doubt Des ability to pick a team.

Why is Witt dropped? Harris at 5/8 is stupid. Monas has no options in attack with him by his side. At least Witt could kick and take some pressure off him. Harris makes enough mistakes as it is.. ohh yes lets give him more ball!

Bring back Hoppa at 5/8 :p

it is ridiculous to think that an NRL player will keep getting picked with the semis looming if he is not fit and contributing in the modern era.where is the logic in that with heckenberg available.absolute ****!prey tell,what is this mystery ailment.it is 2 years we have copped this crap from apologists like you.

and why does it matter.2 choices

1.he is fit- must be dropped.
2.he is not-must be dropped.

"its not his fault he has been picked".what a ****ing joke!



why the hell are u blaming me??? i dont pick the teams. apologists.. geez go have a cry because you dont like the team DES HASLER our COACH picked.

****en hell your an idiot.


First Grader
\"its not his fault he has been picked\".what a ****ing joke!

do you expect him to say "Sorry Des I do not deserve to be play NRL, pick Hecks in front of me" :lol:

as if that will happen Sue.

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