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Winging it
The bookie boards are up and SportOdds has the Eagles @ $1.57, Raiders @ $2.40. $1.90 +/- @ 4.5 start.

Sports TAb has Eagles @ $1.55, Raiders @ $2.30; $1.85 +/- 4.5 start.

I don't know about anyone else but I think this is almost a 50/50 but would frame Manly at about $1.75, Raiders 2.05, so I can't see the value.
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I guess the Raiders fans will be jumping on those odds. Better off waiting till later in the week to see if Manly has drifted any after the weight of money comes for Canberra.
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maybe put some hard earned on the raiders to guarentee a win either way.

I was more suprised that the knights are favs over the warriors
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whereas last week i was sh*tting my pants
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Yeah the Raiders are due for a loss, I still look at their team and shake my head as I cannot fathom how they are the only team undefeated.

We should get them at home - rain is predicted for the weekend and that should suit us more.
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The Raiders are due for a loss...my money will stay in my wallet............We have a very good chance of winning now.
Winging it
You were not Robinson there Wheel. The only saver I had all weekend was the last leg of my parlay Bunnies into Raiders and a win on Arsenal. Otherwise my single biggest disappointing weekend for a long time.
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Guys, stop looking at the Canberra side on paper and writing them off. Has anyone managed to see their game against the Roosters? They have a lot of unknowns but they do everything perfect. Nothing fancy, just good flowing football with very little mistakes.

However, saying that, they look like a side that can be beaten should you rattle their routeen. No one has managed to do that just yet, the roosters were ordinary, ill admit that, but canberra made them look even worse. We must shut their forwards down, they are a good pack, "Very" fast. They have elusive backs but if, like ive said already, we can smash the forwards, get a little depth from the backs, we will win, but expect a tug of war and a low scoring match.
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Canberra this year reminds me of 2 years ago. They won their 1st 7 straight and still no-one rated them. They finished top 4 that year
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Kingy will be slightly under done i think.

He always seems to take about 5 games to get his match fitness up.

I would expect short sharp spurts from the big feller in similar use to big Kylie.
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True flufster.......I think less than 5 games though probably 2.....but I think he'll play 20-30min's this week
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Last year he ended up averaging about 80m a game, but it started below 50 for his first 2.

I just hope he can remain injury free for the rest of the year
Team P W L PD Pts
24 20 4 306 42
24 18 6 209 38
24 17 7 272 36
24 16 8 119 34
24 15 9 247 32
24 15 9 201 32
24 14 10 130 30
24 14 10 63 30
24 13 11 -36 28
24 12 12 -100 26
24 9 15 -105 20
24 7 17 -192 16
24 6 18 -205 14
24 6 18 -290 14
24 6 18 -292 14
24 4 20 -327 10
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