Eaglei offers pearls of wisdom - True supporter.

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From MSE

Titled: True supporter.
It was good to see true supporters at the game against the tigers.there was great support from the rockers up on the hill, them other so called supporters who like to bag the players week in week out were no where to be seen and they call themselves the true supporters of manly, you must be kinding there were only a couple of these supporters at the game thesesupporters that dont come to the games and bag the players should either show up at the games or shut up yesterday there were ppl from as far north as coffs and south to melbourne and these ppl who live a lot closer to brookie and dont show up is not being a TRUE SUPPORTER....

My lord, this chap is still back in the stone age.


Journey Man
I must admit, I saw Sideline Eye there, and he proactively came up, introduced himself, and said g'day. I have never had a problem face to face with these guys. They seem ok to me.

It's probably again just perception. Eaglei may not have realised that we WERE all there, just not sitting together. Danners was doing the family thing, I was sitting in the Jane Try stand etc etc.


Why can't he just talk about the game and Manly wining rather than taking any opportunity to slag off at supporters.

Unfortunately he shows the quality of a lot who post on MSE these days.


Journey Man
Note that after the team in general performed rather well there hasnt been mcu criticism as its not warrented.

but hey we wouldnt want facts to get in the way of his cause

Canteen Worker

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Just because we weren't sitting in front of the Rockers doesn't mean we weren't there. Let this feud go boys. It only exists in one corner!!!!! (Not ours) Some of us have tried to broker some peace with some of these characters but sadly they don't seem to want it. All yours boys - we have given up being True Supporters - we will just support Manly!!

The mentality exhibited in that posts indicates that nothing will change the minds of a small cross section and in the end they do not represent the real feelings of a fair selection of Manly supporters.

Canteen Worker

First Grader
I just went over and read that post!!! I cannot believe that someone that is a Manly supporters can carry on in such a way.

If you dare suggest that someone had a bad game you are not a true supporter - what nonsense.

The Rockers should discipline this sort of nonsense or they lose all credibility in my mind. To have a group that says you can only support the club if you see things our way (and we won't let you join otherwise) destroys their credibility.

Does this guy realise the reason that many don't sit near him is that they can't handle being associated with this sort of narrowness and ignorance.

True Supporter - you are kidding!!!! :bdh:

DVS Matt

I think Byso should be able to explain their reasons after having a good chat with AJ etc over a meal and a beer on Saturday.



Winging it
A shocker of a post. I am truely disappointed. I looked for the Rockers on the Hill to say hello and they just weren't there. I put it down to grabbing spots in the stands or something like that as the crowd was small with plenty of seats. To those 8100+ that turned up - well done.

To change the subject slightly I can't say how proud I was of the effort put in by the team and hearing the slow "Manly... Manly,,." chant go up was a real joy because it has been sorely missed and we were delivering the goods.

To those who drank so much and decided throwing objects at departing Tiger supporters was the way to go - get some perspective. There were little kids down there and they deserved better than the garbage you served up. Also, using heaps of swear words in front of families is a sign of a lazy brain. Sharpen up! We are the thinking person's football team after all.

Canteen Worker

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True MB - it was pretty poor and does not paint Manly in a good light. It was a lot better up near the Tiger supporters and I must say that they were a pretty good bunch.

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