Article today again illustrating how Dykes needs a new Club. If we have ANY left in the kitty, I'd like us to go out and get him.
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I agree he could be handy but he is after more money than what he is currently on - I doubt he would be worth it or we have that amount(whatever it is spare).

Shark in hot water
By James Hooper
November 3, 2005

SHARKS five-eighth Adam Dykes was forced into asking the club for a release from the final two years of his contract because of financial difficulties.

The Daily Telegraph can reveal Dykes entered negotiations to switch to South Sydney last month in the hope of securing a more lucrative deal, easing hefty personal property portfolio commitments.

But the move backfired when the Rabbitohs pulled out of the arrangement after initially promising Dykes a starting halfback role.


Kim Jong Dan
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I wonder why souths pulled out of the deal?

maybe they have signed another halfback!
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I notice that Souths have realised Shane Elford back to the Tigers as well.
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Normally when Clubs pick up players under contract elsewhere (unwanted) they try and do a deal where the Original club pays a bulk of the cash and they top up.

My understanding is that Witt is being paid a certain amount by Parra and Manly adds the rest. Negotiations often circle around in this sort of situation with clubs trying to get the best deal they can. Will be interesting to see what transpires.

Why would Souths want Dykes when they have Sutton and Dykes failed as a half at Parra?
Dykes is not a first grader ...... his attack consists of running across field and passing anywhere and his defense is worse!

I'd rather we give a kid a go .... at least then there is some chance of success.
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if we went for dykes we would be replacing one dodgey half with another, i agree with manlyone give a young guy a go, im sure we have someon who could support the prodigal son orford.
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I would rather have Monnas at 5/8 than Dykes.He is over rated.Or Travis Burns be given his chance at the position.If we have money left use it on a better player.
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I think he would be handy and a more certain option at 5/8 than Burns or monas but only at the right price ie match payments & winning bonuses.


Why would we need Dykes when we already have the Halden brothers - Craig and Clint as 5/8's next year.

Or do we have just Craig? Or is it just clint that we have? It is pretty ordinary whn the clubs website can't even get one of the first grade squad's names right.

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