Dunley - Do we need him?

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I never thought I would say this but Monas is getting better and better at hooker and should play the full 80. Dunley misses too many tackles and doesn't add enough to justify his time on the paddock. Tigers scored in last 10 of first half and first 10 of second half. 'The Angry Smurf" was on both times.

We could do with another sub who offers more in my opinion.
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ive been saying it all year Dunners defence is crap 90% of tries scored against hes involved , everytime Mona's goes off we let a try in , Mona's kicking game tonight was excellent
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Monas did throw the ball to nobody at one point, producing uproar in this household.

However, I agree with the sentiment. We can't have Willo and Dunley on the same bench. If Monas needs a rest then put Willo at hooker and get another impact forward off the bench.
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Monas did make a mistake or two but in terms of what he offered in both attack and defence he is way superior to Dunley. I think MM meant to dummy but the ball slipped out and fortunately BK was there to clean up.
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Monas deserves 80 mins, Dunley is a waste of space

Our strongest periods last night was when Monaghan was on at the start and when he came back
Quite frankly, I wasn't impressed with either last night. Monas did little to nothing in attack, and has a terrible passing technique. Compare him to Farrah in terms of running, and the difference is remarkable.
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It's a bit rich to blame Dunley for both tries. He wasn't defending on the wing for their second, if I remember rightly Robertson and Matai were. But I do think Dunley runs way to laterally. Is this because he's told to by the coach? Is it a coaching problem? Darting runs up the middle should be his go. Monas has a kicking game which gives us options. Willo is one dimensional but maybe that's his role. They were all good last night but not great (BK aside) Dropped ball when attacking their line was irritating, but that said, still a great win.

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