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I thought Monaghan was very tentative today and a number of times he threw poor passes or ran around in circles. Dunley made a few good dashes and at last linked with some supports.

Must say though that Ballin was awesome in PL and continues to be dominant. When will he get a run? He has the makings of a star. Kicks, runs and an outstanding defender. Cuthbertson was strong today and I am amazed that Morewood is being picked ahead of him. Surely he has done his time for his poor game last time against Brisbane.
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I think Monas was ok, The Ox wasn't to good. I spoke to one supporter at the game that posts on this site, who says that Monas should be put back to halfback as he was more creative. Ryan I think we are a better side with The Ox at half.

Yep Ballin, Witt, Sion, Meaney and the rest of them all looked great against a pathetic Norths PL team. That got beat 54-6.


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Monas crabbed along sideways or ran to the line and stopped every now and then, it was only good backrow work that fixed these errors. BK and MEnzies did a lot more than they have been given credit for
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I think Dunley outplayed Monas yesterday, though at the same time Orford was luggage. There was an interchange made with about 20 mins to go, where i thought orford should have been subbed for monas. I think gus gould mentioned this at the time, don't often agree with him but i think on this occasion he may have been right.
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Monas started well yesterday and smashed one of their big guys (webke?) to get the ball. His second stint wasnt as good.

I too would have prefered monas at half in the second half yesterday, orford had us cringing, something i never thought we would do and something we never should have to do when a bloke is on 450K

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