Dumbest team in the league..


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Just when you thought Souths couldn't get any dumber...

Souths swoop in $6.5m bid

June 9, 2005

THE South Sydney Rabbitohs are poised to pull off the rugby league signing coup of the decade by snaring champion halves Braith Anasta and Matt Orford in a $6.5 million package deal.

The Daily Telegraph can today reveal Anasta will become the highest paid player in the game on a $4 million deal over five years and that Orford will earn more than $500,000-a-season if they sign after the June 30 anti-tampering deadline.

The Anasta deal is backed by a third party, a huge firm whose representatives have been secretly working behind the scenes to pull together an agreement.

Because of the severity of the NRL's anti-tampering fines, with clubs facing penalties of up to $1 million for rogue dealing, Souths boss Shane Richardson has not officially put the offer to Anasta or his manager Greg Willett. But they are both aware of the amount that will be offered once the Rabbitohs CEO puts the deal on the table.

Richardson said last night: "We're sitting back and waiting until July 1 when we can officially do business."

Sources believe the offer to Anasta is simply too good to refuse and that Orford has all but agreed with his manager George Mimis to join the Rabbitohs, as long as the Bulldogs champion signs.

Melbourne Storm have given up all hope of retaining the star halfback, who was poised to join Manly last week before being won over by the Rabbitohs.

Mimis was careful with his words yesterday but conceded the once great South Sydney club presented an enormous challenge for Orford.

"Matt thinks it would be excellent to be part of a South Sydney revival," Mimis said.

"It would be really exciting for not only the Rabbitohs but for rugby league in general.

"He couldn't do it single handedly but he's obviously interested and we'll see what eventuates.

"We've had lengthy negotiations for many weeks with Melbourne and unfortunately we haven't been able to reach an agreement at this stage.

"A number of other clubs, here and overseas, have also expressed an interest."

When asked if he was prepared to wait until July 1 to listen to what Souths plan to offer, Anasta said: "I've come this far and I haven't signed so I'm probably better off waiting.

"It's probably looking that way. It's not long to go.

"But at the moment I don't really want to talk about next year. I'm in Origin camp and my complete focus is on the game next Wednesday night."

Bulldogs chairman George Peponis admitted last night it was now a two-horse race between his club and the Rabbitiohs for the most prized signature on the open market.

Anasta is a former Souths junior from Maroubra and had informal talks with his uncle George Piggins over dinner last week.


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Paying overs for 2 players, sounds a little like a team on the bottom of the ladder. You don't buy success, you build it. How the hell does Anasta deserve to be the highest paid player in the game?


I hope it all comes together so I can watch it all fail. Paying overs would be understandable, paying double what a player is worth is loopy. I find those figures hard to believe, but then again it is Souths.

Does this explain the Monaghan signing then?


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Didn't Orford sign with Melbourne 2 days ago?

Regardless I'll be happy for souths to get them for overs as it would surely kill there club.

Wise men? Would you be happy to pay $500k for Orford?


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apparently orford is worth 500K

and anasta is a 400K + player.

im certain posters are right then souths will make the 8 comfortably next season and be a contender in 2007.


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They did the same with Fletcher and McDougall. Injuries happen and you need to build a team, not rely on one or two stars. Maybe Russel threw the phone when he couldn't access his bank account to make the money transfer.

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Reminds me of the Northern Eagles attempt to buy success with Kimmorley. Hopefully a similiar fate awaits Souths


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What about John Sutton and Joe Williams. I would gladly take Sutton off their hands he has the potential to be a real good 5/8. im not so convinced with Williams but didnt they only last year pressure him into re-signing when it looked like Manly was going to swoop. Orford and Anasta would be an awesome halves combo and if they stayed fit would make souths a much stronger side but thats a lot of money for just 2 players. They have to also remember that they have got to fit 23 other players under that cap.


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the problem they face is that they have to pay that much to get good players to try and build a team around,if they dont have good halves the abilityu to attract other good players is diminished.i agree they arent worth that much to most teams but to souths maybe they are.


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thats 1.2Million per year on 2 players!!!

They then have to fit in 23 players for 2 Million!.

Just having 2 good halves wont help if you have a bunch of b grade Nuffies running around them


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thats 1.2Million per year on 2 players!!!

They then have to fit in 23 players for 2 Million!.

Just having 2 good halves wont help if you have a bunch of b grade Nuffies running around them

agreed but if they have front loaded some of there existing contracts with some youngsters it may not be a problem getting others in.shane richardson is considered by many as one of the best admin guys in the game so if its true they must have something up their sleeve


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Really, I think the fans would have expected better than a relocation to Telstra and another wooden spoon from Richardson!


Kim Jong Dan
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The knights have the wooden spoon wrapped up nicely

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