Not overly dissapointed with last nights game, BUT, ....we gotta get a lot smarter.
The dumb penalties we give away in the play the ball is INSANE. I reckon we give the most penalties in the comp for; holding down the player;roughing them up etc. Dont get me started on Dunley, perhaps the dumbest footballer allive. If he just stuck to playing, then he may be worthy of a place in the top 17.
It is a complete waste of time having Willo on the bench. Yeah, yeah, he got injured, but can anyone point to anything he has done this year to be in the top 17??

Dumb dumb Eagles...

..which really is dissapointing because our goalline defence, which was our achillies heel for the last few year is immense. Smarten up boys, or the cheap possesion we constantly give away will continue to retard our chances...

Rant over...
UFO Hunter
100% agree. However I feel Cronulla got a lot of assitance from hapstead last night. Far too much for my likening. It was a disgracfully biased performance.
UFO Hunter
Another point on Dunley. He has the tag now where refs watch his every move. The minute he came on, he gave away a penalty in the play the ball. Commentators and myself saw nothing in it but Hapstead came over and said, Dunley, I spoke to you over there, keep outa that sort of stuff.

Later, Hampstead called over BK. Said we had gone down hill on disipline since "Number 14" had come on.

BK said "Who's That" Hampstead: "You know who it is" BK: "Yeah so do you mate" Hampstead: "Shane Dunley"
BK: "Yeah thats right, thats ****en bull****"
Flip...I agree. Dunley is a victim of his own doing though. Everyone knows he niggles, thus his reputation precedes him. He has no-one else to blame but himself. Well, maybe Des too...

On another note, first time I've seen Watmough not drop a ball in the game..YAY.
He seriously has too start backing up Rose and Kennedy. HE rarely busts the line now, I reckon he should be looking at the scraps like Menzies used to do...
I do like RObertson, safe, 100% man...I just wish we could utilise his speed more, like we used to with turnstyles Donald.
UFO Hunter
If he wasn't marked by alberts last night he would have score a triple I reckon. Des should have switched his sides although its too late now. He kept making space but with a bloke who appartently runs a sub 10 what chance does he have?

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