Post-Game Discussion Dragons v Manly [Round 4, 2024]

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Game Information

Sea Eagles
20 WIN Stadium
30 Mar 2024 17:30
80:00 minute

Match Stats

Our 2,3,4 and 5 are too similar in size that is, too small. We need one or two big boppers to take the ball back. If you are look at other teams they have dynamic running big boppers or small compact impact players.
On the positive side... We cant paly any worse than that so we have to be on the up now... Panthers next week lol...
First we need to get Turbo out of the fetal position and then dig DCE out of that huge hole he dug for himself by running around in a circle for 80 minutes.
Well that’s us out of the 8 …!!
If we had beat Dragoons we would have been close to the top.
This was a game we should never of lost but we did and always do !
Well that’s us out of the 8 …!!
If we had beat Dragoons we would have been close to the top.
This was a game we should never of lost but we did and always do !

In better news, we are only 1 win off the top 4!!!
Geez this place descends into doom and gloom quickly.

It is only Round 4.

Edit: we're 2–2. Its not like we're 0–4 and have been smashed each game. And the two we beat weren't lightweights like the Dogs and Tigers while its fair to say we got screwed out of a win, so really we should be 3–1.
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I’m taking no shot at anyone here by any means but I think most of us have to RELAX

Yes last night I was reacting like 90% of people in here but after having a better look back on the game Dragons wanted it more at home and we started well in the opening 10 I thought but after Koula’s first try complacency kicked in I felt like, those blaming Seibs are just acting really silly, it’s not like we weren’t praising him before the Parra game without a reason sure coaches prep for the players means a lot but the boys lost this one for themselves Turbo played like he was frustrated and not confident and that unfortunately seems to rub on the rest of the team, we probably should make some changes and drop some players I mean look at what Flanno did he made changes when they lost to Dolphins & the Cowboys that’s the only criticism I give Seibs is that he isn’t bold enough to make changes for the better and find a consistent team to much trust in the wrong players, we’ll be right I reckon expecting a big response at home and imagine how much the dynamics change if we won go manly.
Seibold would have been just as frustrated with our play yesterday as any fan was. And quite probably more so because he knows what this team is capable of and given that the game prep would have been good.

Its not like he sent them out to play like that.

Yesterday was a mistake-a-thon, some from the Dragons, mostly from us. Knock-on's, passes that went to ground, passes that went behind players, passes that went into touch.

It was just one of those days. Win, lose or draw I can't see us playing that bad again next week at home against Penrith.
Total coaChing failure.
And when Turbo had a bad game, did DCE fill the needed void ? Of course not.
DCE is one of the biggest frauds in the NRL. How manly Dally M points for Daly ?
That Luke Brooks has outperformed DCE in almost every game so far is a joke.
I’d be demotivated to playing alongside a headless chicken.
Sea Eagles Judiciary News:
  • No Manly players were placed on report during the game.
  • Luke Brooks (Sea Eagles) has been charged post-match by the Match Review Committee with a Grade 1 Careless High Tackle following Saturday's game. With this being his 1st Offence, he faces a $1000 fine with an early guilty plea or a $1500 fine if he chooses to fight it and loses.


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