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what about this vs the chooks
Des has to start looking a the PL and JF teams for the spark, other teams are blooding players thru the year

01. Sean Meaney (was close to playing last night)
02.Michael Robertson
03.Chris Hicks
04.Steve Matai
05.Willie Bishop
06.Brett Stewart
07.Matt Orford
08.Mark Bryant
09.Michael Monaghan
10.Brent Kite
11.Steve Menzies
12.Anthony Watmough
13.Ben Kennedy ©

14.Glenn Stewart
15.Kylie Lululai
16.Phil Morwood
17.Jason Wells
18.George Rose

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Rose over Morewood by a million miles
Stewart has to be fullback, maybe Meaney on the wing. Stewart is not our long term 6 so no point in that for me, and also i dont think he has the game for it, you would just see cross field run towards the sideline, with a swerve in, that either see the runners with no space or stewart over touch
I would like to see Hicks to the centres permanently, with Matai to the wing or on the bench as a 2nd rower/centre


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we will not beat the roosters don,t think we will win anymore games this year not with des coaching them


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on last nights effort we would be lucky to win3 of those games


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Brett Stuart doesn't have a good enough passing game for 5/8. I would leave him at fullback, Monas into 5/8 and Dunley in hooker. We really are wasting a bench spot so we don't have to make dunley feel bad about not playing firsts. LEAVE MONAS ON FOR **** SAKE.

We are about to witness the same ****en **** that happened to us last season. We start the mid season slide, Origin, Injuries, Fatigue and our coach will just sit there and say "we're hungry for a win" untill the last game when we crawl into the semi's with a win over the storm in the final round, everyone will be happy, "hey, manly's hit form by beating the storm". Then, a week later, when everyones so confident of a win in the finals. Bang, we get smashed 40 - 0 because des hasler doesn't have the capability to include 25 men in a football team. It must be too much to think about.


how many times do we see teams like the above , and hear the old "Des needs to do something" and to only see the same bloody side picked each week. Dunley is ****. I cant stand to look at him. Gives awway obvious penelaties and then looks at the ref like"Ahh what did i do ?" :bdh: :bdh: :bdh:


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01. Brett Stewart
02. Michael Robertson
03. Steve Matai
04. Chris Hicks
05. Sean Meaney
06. Travis Burns
07. Matt Borford
08. George Rose
09. Matt Ballin
10. Brent Kite
11. Anthony Watmough
12. Steve Menzies
13. Ben Kennedy

14. JP Cherry
15. Mark Bryant
16. Kylie Leuluai
17. Jason Wells

That would definietly stir the pot up. Des has no back bone though, so we can forget it.

Michael Monaghan, Shayne Dunley, Paul Stephenson, Jason King, Luke Williamson all to play Premier League with Steve Matai & Chris Hicks told that should we have depth, they'd also be playing Premier League. I'd also be thinking seriously of giving Groom a shot somewhere in there. BUT this wil be boring Des's predictable side:-

01. Brett Stewart
02. Michael Robertson
03. Steve Matai
04. Paul Stephenson
05. Chris Hicks
06. Travis Burns
07. Matt Borford
08. Jaon King
09. Michael Monaghan
10. Brent Kite
11. Anthony Watmough
12. Steve Menzies
13. Ben Kennedy

14. Shayne Dunley
15. Kylie Leuluai
16. Mark Bryant
17. Luke Williamson

and the usual passengers will drift along through the game.

I'd like to make one more change on that original team. John Lang in for Des Hasler.


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Good to see others jumping on my 'Des for the Souths job' at last. The same mistakes are made by the same people every week. Matai can't tackle, won't pass. He needs to be in the pack or in Prmier League. I'm jumping on the Ballin bandwagon, he needs to be given a go. We might have been more competitave last night with Burns. He needs to be signed. Get rid of Witt and his can't/won't tackle mates. Des can't continue with the 'we seem to lack enthusiasm' line. It's the coaches job to instill the enthusiasm. Get real or get out!


I'd hate to see Stewart at 5/8, he barely makes metres on kick returns against staggered defence and wouldn't have Robertson backing him up if he gets nervous. Leave him at fullback where he can at least pick up scraps from BK's hard work.

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