Don't deserve finals footy


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Haven't, don't and won't (unless we pick up some marquee forwards) and lose at least 10+ players this off season.

There needs to be some jobs shed at Manly. No-one should be safe. 30 players need to be evaluated and releases handed out now.

My opinion:

Christian Tuipulotu
Ray Vaega
Tommy Talau
Brad Parker
Morgan Harper
Cooper Johns
Latu Fainu (unfortunately)
Samuela Fainu (unfortunately)
Alex Tuitavake (unfortunately)
Viliame Fifita (unfortunately)
Ben Condon
Morgan Boyle
Dean Matterson
Matt Lodge
Aaron Woods
Zac Fulton
Josh Aloiai
Kelme Tuilagi

Lachlan Croker
Toff Sipley
Karl Lawton

Tom Trbojevic
Jason Saab
Tolu Koula
Reuben Garrick
Jaxson Paulo
Luke Brooks
Daly Cherry-Evans
Taniela Paseka
Gordon Chan Kum Tong
Jake Trbojevic
Haumole Olakau'atu
Josh Schuster
Kaeo Weekes
Sean Keppie
Ethan Bullemor
Ben Trbojevic

Those 16 keep players are serviceable (just), and any newer player need to be upgrades on them.

Time for us to get real, and carve away the dead wood.


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So the weeks we touched up the Raiders and the Dolphins were apparitions?

Most, if not all teams style of play are geared around their most dynamic players.

Souffs aren't the same without Mitchell.
Take Walsh, Ponga, Guffo, Drinkwater out of their respective teams and they come back to the pack somewhat - their style of play has to change.
Even the Dragons and Tigers look better with Sloan and Bula at fullback, the Tits look more threatening with Campbell.

Tom's ability hasn't masked our need to get with the program, Tom's ability infinitely helps the program.

Whether you rate them or not, we are missing three props that are in our top 17 and we don't have a theatening five eighth to compensate what we're missing.

Yes, our top 17 may not be the best there is but it's shown when it's all together we're somewhere in the 8.
All i can go off is my feeling and the results

if a structured, patient game plan is the norm, its easier to replace injuries as the roles are simpler . You cant replace tom and his impact has been felt big time

replacing individual brilliance that our game requires is much more difficult accross the board than having defined roles and a established game style suited for all conditions against all opponents

our line speed, play the balls, patience , kicking games do not compare to the teams constantly at the pointy end. Coaching, attitude, who knows but it seems a run* or 2 down

the last time we played finals we were done after about 20 as we tried to razzle our way against steadfast systems that just waited us out

we have great moments in seasons, canberra was good but that intesity and consistency has be rarely seen since, you speak of injuries and the fins were also pretty depleted when we carved them up. There season had been holding on grimly at the time and results have shown since . Its also rumoured they kicked off 2 mill under the cap this season

its more than hopeful to expect our top players to be available all the time. Its a squad game of 30 plus players . Our best 17 has potential but also unbalances our cap sufficiently to ensure our back up can not maintain the rage

ultimately results will determine if we deserve finals spots, not my feelings at round 21 or hopes. I would love go see that, but if we sneek in i suspect we play the riff in the first final. Nice to extend the season and ill be on the couch cheering them on, but i wouldn't back them with your money

its just how i see it , never said i was right

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