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looking at their side we will never have a better chance of rolling these mongrels.great halves but a weak bench and lack of size in forwards with grimaldi in second row.this is a game where we have to at least compete.if we cant against a virtual reserve grade dogs we have problems.tonga was great against brisbane early and he will be sorely missed.i think we can squeeze 2 points out of this one(assuming our prop ranks arent decimated again) depite being away and a night game.that excuse wont wash this week.

also congratulations are in order to young curtis for his defence last week.a lot to like about his attitude.

The Wheel

Premium Member
I guess if we don't beat them this week we will never beat them, their side is nothing like last years GF side.

Adding to Curtis, I thought Sam harris actuallt stood up to be counted and got stuck into the tough stuff. So from me well done Sam, even though he will probably never read it.


I will be most upset if we lose this.

We can't claim to be a top team and then lose any difficult match. Top teams win these matches, so lets do it!


First Grader
We could quite easily lose.......under lights at Telstra stadium and playing a team we haven't beaten in years.

But we must win to show credability. Lets hope Monas has a blinder.

Chip and Chase

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We went close against them last year, and this year they are weaker and we are STRONGER. If Kite and King are fit and play, then I'm confident.
byso,that away under lights stuff is the greatest copout ever.

if we cant win or compete away against a ravaged side with an almost state of origin pack then something is wrong.

i personally think we will get this one but if we dont at least compete i am prepared to say we are an average directionless side who get by on a good pack of forwards at home just as canberra did for years.

i think we are better than that but the proof will be in the pudding.1 or 2 losses can be cast off but 3 big away losses will prove the satchel swingers right.


First Grader
We have a problem with night games thats obvious.

Is it a fair cop-out NO....we should be winning them Dessie should be pulling his finger out and fixing it!
i think cw said it.it is not the night part which is relevant,it is the away part.it just so happens that most away games are at night.how many away games have we won in the last 3 seasons.guess what! 6

you might call it a small problem. it does take mental toughness to win away.

Chip and Chase

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Bulldogs 28

J.Lolesi 2, A.Ryan, R.Asotasi, H.El Masri Tries

H.El Masri 4/5

Manly 26

S.Donald 2, A.Watmough, S.Menzies, C.Hicks Tries

A.Walker 3/5

Canteen Worker

First Grader
I was at that game last year. It was men against boys in the first half. We did a great second half rally and with a conversion on fulltime could have snagged a draw.

What it says to me is that we have to be in away games at half time. Our two losses this year have seen us perform poorly in the second 20.

You can't give quality teams that sort of start.

Time to show that we are men against a quality but vulnerable team!!! Composure and experience are needed.


Reserve Grader
Sam Harris was awesome in that game last year, pretty much cemented a city jersey with his performance. We were very unlucky not to take that game to extra time.


Journey Man
ive got my fingers crossed - we should win this through the forwards - especially our backrow.

ill be dissapointed if we lose to a poorer team on the night.


Reserve Grader
Brad Morrin
Adam Perry
Chris Armit
Charlie Tonga

Is that the worst bench of all time? IMO, it probably is.

Compare that to:
Luke Williamson
Shayne Dunley
Mark Bryant
Sam Harris

We have a pretty big advantage.
agreed fluffy.our backrow is nothing short of the best at the moment and our bench is good with harris showing improvement lately.but the problem lies in that filthy sherwin and anasta-they can put 4 tries on you without us missing a tackle.but the bottom line is we cannot take ourselves seriously if we dont compete fiercely.i am not as confident as everyone else about being certs for the eight as the quality of the teams behind looms large when the bye is included.i dont think our forwards will ever lie down this year-only the saints game was average in that department.our backs must find something in these games particularly in the area of correct options and that sliding on our own line stuff.sherwin will eat a confused goalline defence .he has the best short kicking game in the comp.im sure des knows this and it will be drummed into their heads.


Journey Man
Our backline will certainly get a work out. they have been average this year - as much blame on the coach as the individuals. In defence they all stand flat and on their line no one comes up far enough. I noticed one try for brisbane when monas was run around steppa was half a metre further out and it looked like he wanted to attack them more in defence - the right attitude that night, which was proven by the broncos.

The good thing about it is we are soing it wroong as a team, not individuals. I little more speed off the line as a team will see an improvement there.
as individuals in defence only stephenson and the duck worry me to any great degree.the rest are solid defenders,particularly stewart and the halves.there is nothing more frustrating than that hodges try when a bloke angles across field,doesnt actually beat a tackle but still scores easily because of a weak slide.

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