Dogs Vs Cowboys Match Report

Journey Man
Cowboys 24 - 12 Dogs

For those who thought the cowboys wouldnt be able to back it up this year then think again. They dominated the dogs for all but the last 15 minutes of the first half when some sonny bill magic got them back into the game.

Carl Webb was sensational up front and was well backed up by Rauhih and tronc. Steve southern played hard in the second. Rod Jenson made a try saving tackle running down a run away Utai after 70m just as the dogs were starting to make a comeback. This was the one play that one the cowboys the game. Thurston Kicked to plan and put some huge hits on for a little fella. One hit was on utai, 2m out from his line which resulted in the first try.

Early in the second half Carl Webb showed an act of brilliance that is usually reserved for the likes of a Billy Slator. Deep in his own half he put on a big left foot step then cut through the opposition only to be confronted by Patton. So webb puts on another step to head for the corner and chucks in the best fend you have ever seen. Leaving him to trundle over the line with patton along for the journey.

Young Czislowski who started at prop was smashed out of the game in the first half, then given the same treatment in the second. In total he made 8 hitups for only 39 metres.

SBW was the dogs best lifting them back into the game in the first half. He was well contained in the second being restricted to less than 50 metres and only 5 hitups.

The cowboys still missed a lot of tackles, but they were given room to move by the numerous mistakes made by the dogs.

This game confirms again that the top are weaker and the comp is becomming more even.

MOM Webb.
Closely followed by thurston.
Journey Man
Thurston has put quite a bit of bulk on over the off season.

I wonder why the Bulldogs let him go?

Cowboys played a team with 2 of their props out. Dogs will continue to struggle. Their forwards are soft at the moment.

I dont rate Armpit or the guy i cant spell his name. Cowinski after tonight.

I tipped the cowboys so im happy. Not suprised. Cant wait till we play the dogs. Lulu better smash Williams. I hate the dogs :twisted:

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