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Information filtering out of the Bulldogs camp yesterday was that Asotasi has agreed to terms with the roosters last week (was given permission to negotiate?), but the interesting news was that Nat Myles wants to go to Manly but has not yet been able to agree to money? Don't know whether it means he's asking over the top or what, but I'm just passing on the info....


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Nat Myles info is interesting. Asotasi is after $400k looks like Souths will miss out again.

The Wheel
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Give him Dunley and Williamsons money then all should be resolved.


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Gets me how Easts, with all of their ego's could afford another overpriced player.... they must have to renovate the dressing rooms each to accomadate more mirrors for the players to look at Easts work on a different salary cap different to all the other clubs?

The Wheel
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Don't forget the Roosters are loosing a lot of players (Morley, Cross etc). They are paying the price now for overpaying some players - don't worry about them they will not be a threat for a few years yet.


Nate Miles is a pretty good replacement for Kylie. Give him not only Dunley and Williamson's money but Witt, deadwood, J P Cherry, Lennon, Creary and Curtis' as well.

If we can sign him and Lyon we are looking a lot better next year.


Nate Myles would be awesome to have at the club... you see the hits he has been pulling off in the 2 origins so far this year??

I'd dearly love him at the club
I saw the title of this thread and thought it was going to be about another Coffs harbour style scandal involving a Bulldog
player :lol:

Sorry boys quiet day


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interesting news melon. Myles would be a great buy, however if he 'wants" to come here, money shouldn't be a big problem. He would be a better buy than Pritchard.

Does this mean he approached Manly? Has he been given permission? Have Manly approached him?

Hate to pull out an 'ole SGT line, but " time will tell".


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If the info is coming from within the club, you would think its been a discussion point, being that Folkes hasn't been in the media bagging us, you would come to the conclusion it was alright with them... I'll try and sus out why he wants to go to Manly, then many questions will be answered? Now where did I put my book on espionage?


well folks must have some pull.
One day after he calls the anti tampering law a farce it gets canned.Anounced on the news that as of next year the will be no deadline. Open slather all year on players coming off contract.


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Myles is a damn sight better player than Minogue. He was the only Qld forward to stand up in Origin I and, to use a Phil Gould term, he looked every bit an "origin player".

I would be doing backflips if he joined us - but has he been given permission to negotiate by the Dogs?


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Latest news...The Titans have offered $30,000 less than Manly but the dogs reckon he'll take the offer from Titans because his mother lives in the Gold Coast and they miss their Sunday Night roast.....

I reckon we should work out what he's worth and add $20,000 for lite & easy home delivery for the year...

Interestingly the comment was he wouldn't be a dog next year...I always though once a dog always a dog.... unless you have a great plastic surgeon.

The Wheel
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Apparently the Titans have not signed Michael henderson fromt he Dragons. That may leave Myles out in the cold and on the Northern Beaches

Jatz Crackers

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Now I just dont know how some people on MSE get their knickers all in a knot any time a rumour is floated.

I very much enjoy the silly season. Keep it up Mellon. Good work. You must be one of the exotic Melons.....pawpaw maybe.

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