Does the month you are born influence your NRL success?

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I just did a rough run of current NRL players to find out ratio of players vs month born

Interesting to see that there is evidence that those born before June have a larger representation in first grade (53.5% vs 46.5%)

Of more interest to me was the fact that 22% of current NRL players were born Jan/Feb vs just 12% born Nov/Dec

While anecdotal, I would suggest that this points to an issue in the junior league ranks. An extra 6-8 months growth.strength/maturity is an advantage in those early years. It makes you a target for junior rep honours, coaching etc - and therefore gives you advantage the next year

Is the NRL missing out on huge potential due to the way junior ranks are graded? I know they are trying to address this with their 18 month registration window, but does this cover it completely?


Sounds like the old Malcolm Gladwell research into NHL ice hockey players.

Those that are "older when they are younger" succeed more.


Love me a bit of Malcolm Gladwell - outliers was a great read, probably influenced me to look at this. Revisionist History podcast and his associated alumni do great stuff
I suspected it may have been your inspiration. Thanks for sharing the stats.


There is no A.I. Just better computers
Babies born after summer have had the benefits of the mother having access to better foods / summer fruits.

Used to be a real thing.

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