Do you listen to music while you work?

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First Grader
Do you listen to music while you work? If so do you use earphones.

and do you think it should be allowed in the workplace.


Journey Man
used to - not using earphones but since i took the stereo home i havnt bothered to bring it back in - im out on the floor more now.

I have no problems with it as long as its not too loud or on 2day

obviously certain jobs do not allow for it


First Grader
I used earphones I have about 5 GB of music on my work PC.

I work allot better when I'm using it.

In our office there are a couple of f-ers that don't like it, that are trying to stop it.

There are about 30 out of 300 people that listen to music.


First Grader
I do sometimes, probably once a week I will work with some music going.

Our office is open plan but I am one of only 2 people with a office so the noise is not really a issue but I know when people on the workstations play music it annoys some.


i use a radio in my office.
Sometimes when the other staff dont want it on i change to headphones. This is not a problem as my phone flashes red when it rings so i know when to answer it. I too, work a little better with music going.


First Grader
Do they use earphones?

some do but some dont, when they dont thats when people whinge. I dont really see why when it is open plan and you can hear everyone else talking all the time.

I hate open plan offices!!!!
when i was plastering we had the radio on all the time ,it use to be good!
and now that i work in a pub we sometimes have the radio on but not loudly


Kim Jong Dan
Staff member
Tipping Member
my phone never rings and if it does a light flashes on it.

Do ryan and stevie whistle while they work?
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