Do you listen to music while you work?


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Do you listen to music while you work? If so do you use earphones.

and do you think it should be allowed in the workplace.


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used to - not using earphones but since i took the stereo home i havnt bothered to bring it back in - im out on the floor more now.

I have no problems with it as long as its not too loud or on 2day

obviously certain jobs do not allow for it


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I used earphones I have about 5 GB of music on my work PC.

I work allot better when I'm using it.

In our office there are a couple of f-ers that don't like it, that are trying to stop it.

There are about 30 out of 300 people that listen to music.


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I do sometimes, probably once a week I will work with some music going.

Our office is open plan but I am one of only 2 people with a office so the noise is not really a issue but I know when people on the workstations play music it annoys some.


i use a radio in my office.
Sometimes when the other staff dont want it on i change to headphones. This is not a problem as my phone flashes red when it rings so i know when to answer it. I too, work a little better with music going.


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Do they use earphones?

some do but some dont, when they dont thats when people whinge. I dont really see why when it is open plan and you can hear everyone else talking all the time.

I hate open plan offices!!!!
when i was plastering we had the radio on all the time ,it use to be good!
and now that i work in a pub we sometimes have the radio on but not loudly


Kim Jong Dan
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my phone never rings and if it does a light flashes on it.

Do ryan and stevie whistle while they work?

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