Do tigers play touch footy


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There’s been reports, that the Tigers "surrender" in the tackles to speed the play the balls much like Touch footy. The player being tackled doesn't bother trying to bust the tackle by fighting it they simply drop. Therefore quick play the balls which will wear the opponents down quicker.

Is this not in the spirit of the game or is it good tactics.


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its not in the spirit of the game nor is it being done by the tigers.if it is being done by the tigers then manly should do it as well because it is very attractive football.


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It wouldnt be just the tigers that do it - maybe they are the best at it.

vegas is right - it would be nice to see some quick play the balls from our forwards to give bell and flash some good ball


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that is steve prices biggest problem sometimes, he wrestles so much and always tries to go forward that it allows the defense to set themselves before he plays the ball.


But if they surrender the tackler can stay on longer. Either that or as they surrender the tackler should hang off a little bit then drive their shoulder into the inert player on the ground - that would stop them a bit.

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The Roosters were the Kings of this tactic, that's what got them to all those GF's before they brought in the surrender rule.

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During the call of last weekends game you could clearly hear Tim Mander calling surrender on pretty much two out of every three Tiger hit-ups. I was so surprised at the amount of calls I made a point of watching the tackles closely. While there was an occassional surrender, there was no submission in the vast majority of tackles from where I was sitting.

Anyway the surrender calls didn't seem to slow the Tiges up too much - perhaps the Dragons just didn't take full advantage of the opportunity to lay around a bit longer slowing up the play the ball.

This is definitely something we have to work on if we are going to be competitive in '06.


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I couldn't see BK taking a dive at the opposing players feet. Jason King well...................:)

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