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Good to see Hoffman and Faufusi called up to the origin squads as back-up. Vurtually the entire Storm pack in Brisbane with their mind on Origin is going to make preparing for Saturday that little bit harder. Increased chance of fatigue and injury too.

I'd also imagine that precious little show pony Inglis will feign some injury after Queensland's win because he will be too soft to back-up against us.

And speaking of show-ponies. How many tries has Merritt scored since his "unfair" ommission from the City squad?
Kaufusi is now officially playing in place of one hit wonder Webb. I hope those blues forwards soften him up for saturday.
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It would be great if White, Smith, Kafusi and Inglis all copped injuries tomorrow night.
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and Dallas Johnson gets sighted for another high tackle and this time cops a week


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a high tackle on Kafusi that puts him out of the rest of Origin and Saturday, but doenst do any major damage
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bugger. shows how much notice I've taken of Origin! All I looked for was how it was going to effect Manly.
haha reading Mata call him faufusi reminds me of my old man.

He is a dirty Penrith supporter and has always called the Puletua brothers - Fuletua.

I keep telling him it's P not F but he continues to call them Fuletua and it pisses me off.

Yeah, Webb out.. Kaufusi in. Blues by 8
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I was pissed having the game on Saturday and not Sunday, but with the storm pack playing on Wednesday and then backing up saturday, it's all right.
yeah that probably suits us with only 1 forward involved, an No Beaver there to take out our own players!
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I hope Melbourne are full strength, and we STILL beat them, after they played well. Otherwise News Limited will sprook how it wasn't an even playing field blah, blah, blah.

If we win this game, people will start to look at us like they did in the mid 90's !!!

And I want to be part of it this time.

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