Discount Ticketing for Rd 16 vs Rabbitohs

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We (Silvertails) have been offered access to a group discount for the Round 16 clash with the Bunnies at ANZ on Friday 26th June by the Rabbitohs membership / marketing department.

The minimum number of people needed to access the discounted pricing is only 15 people, but the more the merrier. As it stands, unfortunately they cannot sell tickets to each individual person that would like to come. The group ticketing software doesn’t allow that as group tickets have to be sold in blocks as per the pricing breakdown.

Therefore we would need a central person responsible for collecting money and then paying for the tickets in a block, the Ezytickets can then be emailed to that person who can distribute tickets on the night. This offer might suit the MWTS group and maybe they might like to act as a central organising point. If anyone is interested than post here and see how many we can get together. Any questions let me know. See pricing below.


By the way you can do it just by groups of 15 if you want, it doesn't have to be just one single booking for the whole lot. If you have 15 people interested than you can buy a block just for that lot.
MWTS could do a $40 deal with ticket and return bus from the Leagues Club. And offer just the $18 ticket aswell.
bump! Just in case it's a good deal and people wanna make use of it.
Just to clarify, the general admission covers pretty much anywhere on the ground except the reserved seating bays around halfway. It DOES include the designated away supporters Bays 101 and 102.

If anyone is interested in the reserved seating than the ticket price is as above, it would be in the SSFC members bays (106/107) but if you book as a group early enough then they can probably sit you together in a block of 15 if you want safety in numbers.

Also this offer would need to be taken up on or before 19th June so they have time to process and issue tickets.
Just posted the thread link on MWTS Facebook Page.

At least with GA you can move towards the back of the concourse seating if its raining. Reserved you cant.
Tweeted the Club, no answer...

Would be good if they took over, that way they could have a password for all members to access the $15 tickets through Ticketek.

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