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I just found that game disapointing. We were always going to win and were in control the entire game, but where were the points?

I know people will jump down my throat saying two points is two points and I agree, but I wanted to be entertained.

We were playing a second string side of a club that is doing really badly this year. Where's the fifty points?
Though I must admit the ref didn't help.

Most tackles I could go to the toilet, come back and put the kettle on, wait for it to boil, go to the shops to get milk, wait for the drink to cool, drink it, sit down, get comfortable again and be back in time for the play the ball.
Its disappointing to have it all over the opposition for 70mins and come away with just 18 points from 4 tries.

However, beaver said something very interesting on Wednesday night on FOX. He said Des doesn't really coach many set plays. He coaches more for the team to play what is presented in front of them. I don't necessarily agree with that and it could be a reason for the lack of points, but its equally weighed out by the fact we are the leagues second leading point scorers so... yeah... I'm frustrated about it too... but two points is two points ;)
Yeah, we should have put a score on tonight.

The reasons i think we didn't:

1) Slow play the balls all night
2) The Broncos actually defended very well... and their scramble defence was real good
3) Orford all of a sudden can't kick a conversion.
4) Stewart was pretty quiet.

Hicks looked the be going over a few times just to be shut down... I think the broncos showed alot of ticker to hang in there especially after the start.

For the record I thought Burns scored that try.
it was dissapointing and a worry to have that sort of a platform and only score 4 tries just wont cut it in the finals
Yeah, we should have put a big score on but we were still ripped off one try & bombed another couple & the goal-kicker is out of practice.

It was just a boring game, or is that the lack of alcohol talking ?
as often is the case when one team is stronger trhan the other, the stronger team wins, just does enough to get over the line but lowers themselves to the level of the weekend team.
Lets discuss Manly's premiership credentials after a real challenge - next Saturday night. We'll see where we are at then. For the record - I think we can win.
Yep, with you there rhino.

One thing we should all know by now this season is that we do enough to win and no more. If the opposition lift than we go with them and lift that little bit more.

The boys will lift to what Melbourne throw our way and I'm not saying it will be easier but we will see a better performance than tonight and I reckon we will get them.
Ryan above is right. We have yet to demonstrate we are a real premiership threat. We are top 4 potential but can we mix it with the big boys? Time will tell.
I actually think Cronulla are the form team of the comp and our real first test will come against them.

Melbourne will be tough.. all you NSW residents get your arse out to the game and help get the boys home so we can sit solely on top :)
Yep, I also think Dessie coach's to combat each opponents style. Always doing enough to win but not tear sides apart.

Disappointing more tries weren't scored and The Ox forgetting how to kick a goal. But in the end Manly always in control. Which is a great thing.

Next weeks game will be a ripper and probably judge the front runners for the premiership.
We are the Octagonal of Rugby League. If anyone has seen this horse race, you will know what I mean.

He always just ground down his opposition and just did what he had to in order to win.
The Broncos completed 31 out of 37 possessions and at one statge it was 23 out of 23 according to the commentators. Although we had more ball most of it was at our end of the field.

Considering we were missing 5 first graders as well I thought we went well with Choc a standout and King & Glen Stewart close behind.

Did anyone catch Bennetts media chat, reporters waiting to interview him must feel the same way as most of us feel in the dentists chair.
Team P W L PD Pts
4 3 1 39 8
5 4 1 35 8
5 3 2 14 8
4 3 1 12 8
4 3 1 11 8
5 3 2 47 6
5 3 2 38 6
6 3 3 37 6
5 3 2 21 6
4 2 2 -3 6
5 2 3 2 4
5 2 3 -5 4
6 2 4 -5 4
5 2 3 -20 4
5 2 3 -48 4
4 0 4 -85 2
5 1 4 -90 2
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