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Some are suggesting (rightfully) that we not rush our stars back prematurely for the Eels game. We have a bye and need one more win to be certain of the semis.

Catch 22 is that we beat the Eels and depending on other results a Top 4 finish is not out of the question. That is wildly premature but generally you need to be in the top 4 to be a chance at all.

Should Des risk a fit Bell and Beaver for the semis or leave them three weeks (with bye as well) till they come back, hopefully leaving them fresh and hungry for Souths and the Big three at the end???


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Canteen - if playing those players means we can potentially have a Brookvale Oval home semi final, then I say do it at all costs (play them I mean). In this competition, I don't think it's wise to rest anyone at anytime. We could get belted, lose momentum, lose confidence etc etc...
BK's last year, and he's busting his gut to be on the park at every opportunity. I think the players owe it to him. I also believe Beaver and Bell need to get match fit again.


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We saw Bell at the Leagues Club fairly late on Sunday night & when asked whether he would play against the Eels , he told us he was more than a good chance of playing. I feel that Bell & Stewart will play but Beaver & Choc will return after the BYE.


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I'll take a full str backline any day Craig. We're up against Grothe, Ben Smith, Tahu, Hayne etc and a few absolute belters out wide for Parra. We need speed and agression.


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Is this the same Ryan who at half time said we were never going to beat the line-up the Panfers had on paper and should have rested BK and others until the Eels game?

Probably uttered in frustration and in confidence at the time, but what are friends for but to remind us how quickly we change our minds! :twisted:

Every game is there to be won.


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i wouldnt rest anyone who is fit for this one.

there is a 2 birds 1 stone to be had here

1. we can push for a top 4 spot
2. we can hurt parras chance at making the semis


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What's the value in playing them if they are not 100% and they just re injury themselves> so what about a home semi final if we can't have our best side on the park and get belted? Besides the players last week should be rewarded for the best display by replacements since I can remember.

I agree they should play if 100% fit, but at this stage it not panick stations to get into the semi's, so if they aren't ready and could do with a break....give them one. Would prefer to give Kennedy a week off to get the corks right, but who would you put in?


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mellonhead the point would be that resting them could result in us having an away semi at brisbane- losing that and parra and knights winning in 7th and 8th. we would be straight out again


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If we are 5th, I think we may play The Dragons at OKI. Not pretty. Even The Broncos in Brisbane is just as bad though. 7th may mean Bulldogs at Ozzi....I prefer our chances there to the other places for some weird reason.


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tough one. i wouldn't blame Des for resting players that are doubtful. Why rush injured players back one week early or push BK "if" he needs the break.

In saying will be great seeing Bell back, he's looking the most likely to play this weekend.

Parra are in good form, but it wasn't a solid 80 minutes against warriors 2 weeks ago and Tigers gifted them a few tries. The Manly team against Pennies will give Parra a good test.


IMO If Stewy and Bell say they are right then bring them in... I'd bring up cuthbo and rest BK

Give him this week and next week to get over the corks and bring him back to start the "september assault"

I still want to win this match but also want BK to play every game we have left after the BYE

Choc and Menzies should rest so we have "the best backrow in the comp" all fresh for the run into the semi's and beyond


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Good points Barks. But a fourth spot should be the priority. Playing fifth at Brookie would be good and imo BK nees months to get 'right' so keep playing him until he drops, I think he'd appreciate that . And a win this saturday would dent Parra's hopes which would be equally as good.


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Why is 4th a priority? Why don't we aim for 3rd? Sure it's great to be there but you lot have to rocks in head, stoned, pissed, or what ever adjective you like to add, to rush players back before they are ready and win next week but have them out injured for the rest of the season?
I also add, that their replacements in the last 2 weeks have done a bloody great job!!! and who says we would loose playing them anyway.

Some of you are narrowed minded, one week at time thinkers..... pull your heads out of the bucket and think whats best for the you really think these professional footballers would risk injury to themselves by coming back early? Maybe exception of Menzies and Kennedy.

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