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    Has anyone tried digital radio and if so what's it like?,39025973,40053702,00.htm

    The Sydney trial started in December of 2003, and so far has 14 stations transmitting in digital. Stations with digital transmissions in Sydney are Nova 96.9, 2GB, 2CH, 2UE, 2DAYFM, Triple M, 2KY, 2SM, WS-FM, Vega FM, ABC Classic FM, ABC dig internet radio and two SBS stations. Not all of Sydney is covered, however. Commercial Radio Australia, an industry body overseeing the tests, says about 65 percent of Sydney is covered, with the best reception being found within a 20km radius of the transmission tower at Willoughby.

    Some of the Sydney test stations are already making use of digital radio's advanced data capabilities. 2GB, for example, has just launched an NRL Score service for rugby league. Listeners to the station with a digital radio (with an LCD screen) will see up to the minute scores during the game and get details on try-scorers, stats and players.
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