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Didn't Catch The Game Tonight...

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by Kue, Mar 14, 2016.

  1. Kue

    Kue Active Member

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    Turns out Triple M don't broadcast Monday night footy anymore and my internet was down so I settled in to follow the game here at Silvertails.

    Every time I refreshed a page I come closer to a not so shocking realization.

    Over the past week I've read a lot of comments on arm chair experts and having faith in people who have "actually played the game" but little has been mentioned about common f'n sense.

    Every post tonight by every member was completely predictable, not because they were bemoaning a loss but because it was all predictable with any semblance of common sense.

    Here is a few things I've read tonight that many a Nostradamus had predicted and posted previously.

    Cherry Evans can't find open ground on a kick to end a set

    Cherry Evans can't find touch on a penalty kick as every single one needs to be the equal of a forty twenty game changer regardless of the score/situation.

    Myles is no Ben Kennedy and will hurt Manly financially.

    Brown is equal parts good and/or bad at any given moment. Flip a coin.

    Williame's attitude and effort in all facets of the game doesn't alter his actual ability or lack of.

    Api hasn't done near enough with the team over the off season and if he had he would still be the false prophet. Parcell makes him all but redundant.

    Tom has all the athletic ability but lacks Brett's organizational skills.

    Lyon and Matai have no idea what is expected of them in a Barrett coached side and they are not alone.

    The side on paper dictates the team will improve with time but there are elements that simply will not work and elements and ideas that are obvious to all that seemingly will not be addressed because...



    Next week, regardless of the score. To some extent we will see the same problems not being addressed.

    How Manly, under Hasler, Toovey or Trent can't get their edge defense right is one of life's greatest mysteries.

    The issue here, already, as last year, is for and against.

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