Des rewards players form with 4 days off.


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Pffft if you ask me. They'll only go & hit the turps around Manly like they have for the past year. Very refreshing. What kind of club is this where the team go & laugh it up, and hit the turps hard after they lose?

Some clubs impose bans on drinking after losses.

Not the layed back Des...he gives them MORE time off, to sit around and do stuff all. 6 months of holidays must not be enough!

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Ryan, have to do something different. They look jaded and are in nothing like the form of a few months ago. If a few days on the turps helf to freshen them up I will be happy.

It is important to have a different routine - that's why we have holidays. Let the players get their heads right and maybe the form will improve.

I can't believe you want Dessie to grind them into the ground on a bye weekend????


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Not flogging them Canteen. There are a LOT more activities that are seperate to just having time off to do nothing. Bowling / team bonding / counselling / etc etc.

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I still reckon they need a break and total change of routine. Get them out and about with their wives etc and do something different, out of routine that has nothing to do with footy.


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I think youll find most teams have a half week break - the boys would only get dishaeartened if they missed out and less enthusiastic if possible


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LEt them get pissed for a couple of days. Letting their hair down isn't going to hurt provided they turn back up to training with their heads screwed on.


Bowling- I'd say the Duck would be bang up for that- anyone seen his heroics on 'Boots and All'
as for counselling...


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Ryan, does your employer give you long weekends during the year? , do you look forward to those extra few days break, (particulary after the stressful time you have in getting clients ito attend your employer's corporate facilities at Brookvale last season).

Well I know I get those precious few public holidays and I certainly feel a little bit fresher for the upcoming challenges. Footballers don't get long weekends through the football season, the bye weekend is their long weekend. Give them a break, a chance to refresh and focus their thoughts on the remaining games, we are still a good chance for the 8.

I wonder what you would feel if, in your employment, you had made some mistakes, your employer made you work double hours on your next long weekend.

Your persistent whining & whinging is really painful, just devote your time another YART, much more entertaining (well only just) than this latest whinge.


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Ryan is a work aholic. I went to his place for a drink the other week and walked out with a home lone

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