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good to hear thank you for the update Haig.

And all dont forget to get your latest sports info at


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MANLY coach Des Hasler was today rewarded with a new three-year contract following the Sea Eagles flying start to the NRL season.

The new deal will see Hasler remain at Brookvale until the end of the 2008 season.

In only his second year at the club, Hasler has turned the Sea Eagles into a finals contender, with the club currently sharing the competition lead with Brisbane and Cronulla. They have won 12 of their last 17 matches, including their last nine straight at Brookvale Oval.

Manly's executive chairman Paul Cummings said the re-signing of Hasler, had been a priority for the club.

"He is without doubt one of the brightest young coaches in the game and his efforts in playing a major part in our rebuilding have been justly rewarded," Cummings said.

"As well as being a meticulous coach he has excellent player and staff management's skills."

Max Delmege, the Manly's major shareholder, said the extension of Hasler's tenure would add to the stability at the club.
"I am personally delighted that Des is in charge for a further three years I'm excited about what he is doing this season," Delmege said.


How is that try-hard Realist plagiarist master going?

There's some bloke on the SportsNews forum called Porkhunt who describes him as follows:

"I just feel it is appropriate to point out to this self rightueous clown (who allegedly is a prominent person hiding behind a mask and fictional character) that his/her pompous ramblings can be exposed as horse dumpings, in the same manner he/she is trying to villify great sports (ie football/soccer etc) and sportsman (Yorke).

If writer called themself say 'The muck raker' or maybe 'gutter rat' then I wouldn't have an issue. But the Realist???? Please :mad:"

I think that's a quite accurate answer to your question


good to hear thank you for the update Haig.

And all dont forget to get your latest sports info at

Cheers Daniel, it is brilliant news!


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How is that try-hard Realist plagiarist master going?
Well, isn't that punters nickname such a stunningly original and witty play on words. :roll:

It's so funny it's making me dizzy. An argument like that could go around and around in circles though I doubt the Realist has the wit or intelligence to keep it going that long.

Haig, why has your site seen fit to re-invent The Wheel?

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