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I hate the Americanisms in League - our D was good!

Was very impressed with our defence tonight. At the ground, we seemed to start a little flat but got our defensive legs as the game progressed. Brett Stewart, Kylie Leuleai, Beaver and Kite were all huge.

What was apparent at the ground was the way in which the man inside the ball covered the inside pass and the way they trusted each other to make the tackle. Dummy half defence on the line was huge also.

This will serve us well in games to come. Get the attack right and we can put some of the more vaunted sides in the comp away!


Kim Jong Dan
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You forgot Glenn Stewart, he was punishing in defence.

kept them scoreless in the second half even under some heavy attack!
it is almost unbelieveable what des has done with this side in defence.superb.unfortunately i cant see us finding the points in us to knock off brisbane and saints till next year with a bit of recruitment but isnt it a pleasure to be proud of your team every weekend again-win,lose or draw.


Kim Jong Dan
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Tipping Comp 2021
That last try in the first half by the eels was soft and should never have gone in. If we had had BK and Watmough we would have taken that game. We were missing leadership, which is exactly what BK brings tot the team
Winging it
It was a hard game to judge as the ref decisions were absolutely all over the place. Parra realistically could have been 18-0 after 20 mins. All the same our defence was just fantastic with good reads and great guts. A terrific platform if we make the finals and other teams have injuries. The real problem is seeing where the points are going to come from. Second row and hooker tries seem to be our go after dominating the middle. How awesome was Kite last night? He just gets better and better. Kylie adds grunt and we hold our own. This is a huge change from last year.

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